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The Great Commission Media Ministries (GCM ministries) came to us when they were being challenged by CRA. GCM has always been a friend of mine going back to before I even started the foundation. One day, they were sharing the struggle they were going through and how they might lose their CRA registration. I listened further. “There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing,” I said, “May I bring my lawyer into the room?” They agreed and we survived the CRA audit. GCM realized right then that they didn’t have the expertise or experience we did. It wasn’t their specialty. They had one guy who did everything—bookkeeping, etc—and he did a really good job—but he was spread too thin. So I said, “Can I offer you guys my service? I’ll take and do it for you.” So they joined us and since then they’ve seen their revenues increase at least five times. They’re just so busy involved in their ministry, they don’t want the hassle of keeping up with CRA and all their rules and guidelines. They’re ministry people. They want to do ministry. We free them up for that.


I have a fellow from Alberta that sold his business and took his family to Costa Rica. While he was in business one of his favorite projects to support was the Jesus Film project. He was going to take a year’s sabbatical with his family and after a short while he got restless with nothing to do, so he rounded up the Jesus film and started showing it there. Well last year, (by the way, it’s mom and dad and two girls), they had 180,000 kids in Sunday School every week. They got a program going throughout Costa Rica and Panama and they’re moving into Nicaragua and Honduras. They’ve put together incredible curriculum based on the Jesus film for school teachers who teach children religion classes. It’s one hour a week and it’s all based on the Jesus film and the values that are in the Bible like kindness, forgiveness, and don’t lie, steal or cheat. It’s amazing the life changing stories that come out Central America because of this project. So here’s a case where they’re living down there, but their friends and donors are all in Canada. So for them it’s just such a relief that they don’t have to worry about receipting and CRA. They can focus totally on their ministry and growing their ministry. That’s Bill and Sandy Davidson with Project Jesus for Children.


I have another situation where I have three camps that we actually serve and none of them has a CRA registration. Two of those camps have applied repeatedly for registration and there’s always some delay. They can never get it. It’s been years and years but there are three children’s camps that are excellent ministries—one in Saskatchewan, two in Alberta—and they wouldn’t be able to receipt donors if it wasn’t for us. It’s just that simple.