GCF’S mission is to provide essential administrative services for your Project & Ministry

A Unique Challenge and Opportunity

With God’s enabling, GCF aims to see the number of projects we service to continue to multiply. To attain these goals would mean that more and more people around the world are being reached with the gospel and becoming followers of Christ. That’s why we do what we do. GFC’s purpose is to facilitate the people and ministries that God is raising up to fulfill the Great Commission.


GCF employs the #1 fnancial software used by non-profts worldwide. The software provides GCF with a reliable, effcient, accurate tool for the numerous accounting functions it performs including handling of donations, payroll and benefts. This software also enables the missions individual or ministry to have secure 24/7 access to their online account where they can monitor each transaction.


To provide the services GCF offers requires dedicated specialists and experienced, professional staff. Annually, GCF secures the services of a National Charity Specialist Auditor (MNP) to conduct an audit of the Foundation. It also enlists a Charity & Tax Specialist lawyer to assist with CRA compliance issues. These two services alone would be cost prohibitive for the lone individual or ministry to use on their own. GCF also has its own professional accounting team that includes 2 CPAs and experienced, competent staff.

The Cost Savings Advantage

GCF’s aim is to help fulfill the Great Commission by enabling non-traditional missions models obtain these crucial administrative services that will free them up for ministry—but to do so at a modest, affordable cost. The administrative fee for handling donations, receipts, payroll, CRA compliance, and Benefits is only 6%. That means that 94%, the majority of donated funds, goes directly to the project or mission. That is a considerable savings from traditional missions that typically charge anywhere from 10 to 20% administrative fees.

Two thousand years ago the Lord Jesus Christ left his disciples with a far-reaching directive:
“Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations,” he said, “baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age.”

Two millennia later, how is that mandate, aka the Great Commission, working out?

Today, there are more than 7 billion people on Earth. An estimated 2 billion identify as followers of Jesus. Impressive, but much needs to be done. Though Christianity is the world’s leading religion, 5 billion people still have no relationship with Him. And in these turbulent times of wars, terrorism, and unrest, the need to take the gospel to the world is as urgent as ever.

7 billion
5 billion
2 billion

There are currently 7 billion people on our planet

Over 5 billion people haven’t made the decision to follow Christ

Over 2 billion people have never even heard the gospel

GCF Works With Projects & Ministries to Ensure Success

Leading Technology.

Expert, Experienced Staff.

GCF provides top line services by utilizing cutting edge technology and hiring highly skilled and knowledgable staff.


GCF employs the #1 financial software used by non-profits around the globe.

The software provides GCF with a reliable, effcient, accurate tool for the numerous accounting functions it performs including handling of donations, payroll and benefts.

Expert Staff

GCF has a team of dedicated specialists who are both experienced and professional.

Our team works with you to ensure that your administrative services are handled professionally and efficiently so that you can focus on your project or ministry.

Cost Advantage

GCF’s aim is to help fulfll the Great Commission by enabling non-traditional missions models

GCF ensures that 94%, the majority of donated funds, go directly to your project or mission.

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Meet Our Team

Stuart Rempel
Stuart RempelPresident
Elaine Barendregt
Elaine BarendregtSenior Accountant
Erin Ursel
Erin UrselGCF Respresentative
Anna Burns
Anna BurnsCreative Marketing Coordinator
Ashley Federau
Ashley FederauDonor Administrator
Randall Gilbertson, CPA, CA
Randall Gilbertson, CPA, CACFO, Vice President
Cherry Bai, CPA, CGA
Cherry Bai, CPA, CGAAccounting Manager
Tim Derksen
Tim DerksenSenior Accountant
Anna Kohen
Anna KohenProject Setup
Laura Auxier
Laura AuxierDonations | Accounts Payable
Chad Bruneski
Chad BruneskiExecutive Vice President
Sherri Armstrong
Sherri ArmstrongAccounts Payable
Kathy Stewart
Kathy StewartDonations Manager
Margi Graydon
Margi GraydonExecutive Assistant | HR
Nick Werner
Nick WernerIT Specialist
Joellen Rempel
Joellen RempelDonation Services
Vicki Wight
Vicki WightGCF Representative
Lorrie Parent
Lorrie ParentProduct Specialist
Sarah Bruneski
Sarah BruneskiGCF Representative

GCF Works With Projects & Ministries Around the Globe


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