We desire to see the Great Commission of Jesus Christ fulfilled, and that happens best when we come together to work toward this goal. When you prefer people over paperwork, the Great Commission Foundation has the people you need to allow you to focus on ministry. Our office staff loves paperwork, we have a team of administrators and accounting personnel. An exceptional donations team provides donor services to supporters, and a professional accounting team oversees the financials including expenses, contract payments, and payroll. As a project of the Great Commission Foundation you are assigned an Agent Representative, who is your point of contact for all questions and requests. They act as your liaison to all departments and will provide answers to your questions, and find solutions if you have challenges.

In addition to our office staff and the services they provide, the Great Commission Foundation engages dedicated charity specialists. Annually, we secure the services of a National Charity Specialist Auditor (MNP) to conduct an audit of the Foundation. We also have a Charity & Tax Specialist lawyer on retainer to assist with understanding Canada Revenue Agency compliance requirements. These two services alone would be cost prohibitive for an individual or growing ministry, yet they are vital when a non-profit operates in Canada.  These services provide financial transparency and ensure the ministry remains apprised of any changes to requirements for charities or non-profits in Canada.

Our aim is to help fulfill The Great Commission by enabling ministries to obtain these crucial administrative services that will free them up for ministry and do so at a modest, affordable cost. On average, 95% of donated funds go directly to the ministry or mission. That is considerably less than the 12 – 20% fee charged by most traditional ministry models.


The financial and fundraising technology used by the Great Commission Foundation would be cost prohibitive for the majority of ministries and would require IT support. Fortunately, you take advantage of the benefits of this technology when you join the Great Commission Foundation.

We employ the #1 financial software used by non-profits worldwide. The software provides us with a reliable, efficient, accurate tool for the numerous accounting functions it performs including handling of donations, payroll and benefits. This software also enables the missions individual or ministry to have secure 24/7 access to their online account where they can monitor each transaction.

This software also allows us to provide ministries with the best fundraising tools available, it has a wide range of usages including customized donation pages, crowdfunding and special event websites. We provide a Project Page with online donation form on our website and can offer our projects fundraising tools that can be used for annual golf tournaments or fundraising distance runs. Each participant recruits sponsors who pledge a specified amount to the cause.

The software we use enables supporters to donate directly to the participant on a custom page on the ministry’s website. The benefit is two-fold: sponsors are assured that their funds are directed to the right participants and the participants can then track their sponsors’ donations. Most importantly, the funds are reliably processed and receipted for the ministry.