Our organization believes in making disciples. Our focus is in building strong relationships with the teenagers and invest in their lives following the great commission. We first meet them in schools, through the Heroes project where we meet teenagers aged between 12-15. We aim to encourage young people in our community to discover their gifts and abilities, believing they are unique and have the power to make good choices for themselves so they can have a positive impact both on their own lives but also on others around them. Then we invite them to be part of our organization activities (spending leisure time, doing different activities in the community and so on), and getting to know them we then invest in one-on-one relationships, exposing our lives, our walks with Jesus and everything to them. It’s mission through relationship, through doing life together.

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GCF # 752

Team Lead:

Teodora Dobre

Team Members:

Iazmin Cumpansu

Irina Bozgan

Kory Sikstrom



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