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Jerusalem University College

As a Christian educational institution located in Jerusalem, the mission of Jerusalem University College is to deepen understanding of the Bible in its geographical and cultural settings and to connect students to the ancient and modern Middle East. Put succinctly, Jerusalem University College exists to explore the ancient and modern contexts of the world of the Bible so that our students can get to know the word of God—the Bible—and the Word of God—Jesus—better. In doing so, they become better equipped to enter arenas of academia, ministry, and service throughout the world. Program Countries: Israel GCF # 1043 [...]

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Life Impact Ministries

We exist to impact all nations for Christ by strengthening the vitality of Christian leaders through hosted places of skilled personal care, which we call Life Impact Oases. Christian workers, which include pastors, missionaries, lay leaders, and social service workers, need regular periods of rest, reflection, and renewal. Life Impact staff are equipped to provide care and direction (if desired) to these workers from within their hosted Oases, for stays of generally from one to fourteen nights. Program Countries: USA, Canada, International GCF # 1042 Team Lead: David Carlson, Operations Director Team Members: Jim and Marilou Nightingale Website: [...]

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Eglise Evangelique Protestante au Mali

Everywhere, people are searching for hope and looking for answers! Africa is no different and many are turning to the Christian faith and seeing the answer in the lives of believers. The Church in Mali, West Africa has a rich legacy of ministry that has prepared and positioned them for today. Over the last 100 years, many have come to help the church, worked sacrificially, and added their valuable contribution to strengthening the church. The church responded well, taking responsibility and owning their ministry and vision. They are making disciples who are able to also establish stable churches [...]

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Kids in Need Africa

Kids In Need Africa exists to relieve poverty by providing educational, financial, and spiritual support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children living in rural communities in Africa. Working through joint partnership agreements with local churches and other organizations in African countries, we seek to support orphans and vulnerable children in poor rural communities by providing them with essential school supplies, school fees payment, purchasing school uniforms and meal programs at schools. Our vision is to create a world in which orphans and vulnerable children in rural communities in Africa have equal right to access basic education. Program Countries:  Zimbabwe [...]

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At Axis, we build lifelong faith by helping parents and caring adults talk with their kids about what they otherwise wouldn’t one conversation at a time. We desire to see all caring adults equipped with the conversation, discipleship, and culture translation skills needed to reach the next generation for Christ. Program Countries: United States GCF # 1039 Team Lead: David Eaton Website: axis.org Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Donate from Canada: Other Giving Options Return To Projects Directory


Frontier Alliance International

LAYING FOUNDATIONS “Therefore, I make it my ambition to lay foundations for the gospel where there are none.” - The Apostle Paul, Romans 15:20 When Paul wrote the Romans and described the call and conclusions driving his ambitions and informing his life-orienting decisions, he was decades into the assignment given to him on that fateful day heading to Damascus. By then, he’d been to much of the region, met and mentored countless communities, and changed the status of untold households from “unreached” and “unengaged” to “reached,” “engaged,” and “discipled.” We aim to follow his example among the nations. [...]

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Reaching And Teaching

Reaching & Teaching mobilizes missionaries who are passionate about seeing Jesus worshiped among all nations and who have a commitment to healthy local churches. Team members serve in a variety of capacities and are essential to our mission to advance the gospel by making mature disciples, establishing healthy churches, and training local leaders. Program Countries: Canada, United States, Indonesia GCF # 1037 Team Lead: Ryan Robertson Team Members: Nick Platt Courtney Platt Website: www.reachingandteaching.org Social Media: Facebook Twitter Donate from Canada: Other Giving Options Return To Projects Directory

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SEE Global

SEE Global is a gospel-centred ministry that equips the 21st-century global church with a biblical paradigm of singleness, marriage and spiritual family that fully engages and empowers single adults for kingdom service and leadership within the church. SEE Global has the following four aims: To educate individuals, Christian churches, missions and schools of higher education with a biblical theology of singleness, marriage and spiritual family; To partner with, support and equip Christian organizations around the world seeking to engage and empower singles in ministry and kingdom service; To develop resources including papers, articles, books, workshops, and courses to [...]

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Thirdmill was launched in 1997 to create multimedia curriculum for Christian leaders everywhere. Today, Thirdmill employs a team of over 40 employees, as well as translators in multiple countries. Our mission is to prepare Christian leaders to lead a transformation of the world into God's Kingdom by providing biblical education, for the world, for free. To that end, we have produced 26 seminary level video series which are being translated into 22 of the most widely spoken languages. So far, our curriculum has been used by over 750,000 people around the globe. Program Countries: USA GCF # 1038 [...]



The lives of youth are being destroyed because they don’t know who they are. We introduce them to true identity as children of God, through action and adventure sports, so they live understanding that they are loved, with value and purpose. We accomplish this through our team of professional action sports athletes via summer camps, events, after-school programs, gap-year programs, and a state of the art online platform. Program Countries: USA, International GCF # 1034 Team Lead: Brandon Heidemann - Founder, President, 2nd In Command Team Members: Randy Heidemann (Camp Director/Property Director) Jindy Davis (Office Manager) Jaret Brantley [...]

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