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True Start

True Start Foundation is a spiritual not for profit organization, helping Albertans, that exists to spread the love of God. We do this by raising the quality of life in our communities by providing educational resources, emergency financial resources and social supports, all with the goal of one day getting our members into affordable, sustainable housing. Program Countries: Alberta, Canada GCF # 1015 Team Lead: Steve Sande Team Members: Ernest Osaghae Chris Tieland Kerri winters Website: www.truestart.ca Social Media: Facebook Instagram Donate from Canada: Click here for information on giving by cheque or pre-authorized debit [...]

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Centre D’espoir Pour Le Development

We are spreading the Word of God and helping children in need by providing them with a safe home and teaching them God's ways. Program Countries: Burundi GCF # 1013 Team Lead: Nshimirimana Steven Team Members: Deus Masarabakiza Nshimirimana Steven Diyanne Irakoza Manirambona Josephine Samuel Niyonzima Website: > Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Vimeo LinkedIn Donate from Canada: Click here for information on giving by cheque or pre-authorized debit Return To Projects Directory

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10ThousandWindows works to end the scourge of modern slavery by helping victims of human trafficking overcome the trauma they have experienced and gain access to safe employment. By restoring the lives of victims of trafficking and exploitation through holistic support, including counseling, education, and workplace skills training, 10ThousandWindows helps women break free from poverty and oppression and live into their God-given dignity and potential. Program Countries: Philippines GCF # 1012 Team Lead: Amie Gosselin Team Members: Jonna Eleccion Janice Ubaldo Rhea Belosis Jeremy Floyd Website: www.10thousandwindows.org Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Donate from Canada: [...]


The Gospel In The Game

The Gospel in the Game exists to come alongside, support, train, encourage, motivate the local church, sports family and individual athlete with the Love of Christ and a passion for His people. Program Countries: Canada GCF # 1011 Team Lead: Daniel Dromarsky Team Members: Jenn Dromarsky Dave Dawson Website: https://www.thegospelinthegame.com Social Media: Facebook Donate from Canada: Click here for information on giving by cheque or pre-authorized debit Return To Projects Directory

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Servant’s Heart Initiative

Servant’s Heart Initiative is a community engaging ministry. Its purpose is to build relationships within our community with the love of Jesus Christ our lord, not as one church group, but as the body of Christ. We are to recognize when help is needed and serve where needs are identified. Our focus is to help single parents, widowers, young and elderly people in any way we can. We engage the lonely and educate the uneducated in the life skills needed to function in a healthy way. Most importantly, is within the relationships we build, we share that all [...]

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STF – Family Rescue

95% of children in Southeast Asia who are institutionalized have immediate family. 45% of children who are trafficked are brought there by their families. Broken social and relational structures, as well as poverty, throw families into chaos. Parents surrender their children to trafficking and institutions because they have lost hope. With a special focus on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers the Family Rescue Project restores hope to hopeless families - before they give up their children - through weekly in home visits providing, encouragement, counseling, food support, and, most importantly, friendship in the darkness. Program Countries: Thailand GCF # [...]

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El Candelero Foundation

The purpose for which El Candelero Foundation was founded is to be a spiritual and emotional support for those of Tarija, Bolivia who are victims of any kind of abuse or trauma, whether it be domestic violence, sexual abuse, addictions and children who have been abandoned or live on the street; to introduce to Christ, their only hope for true and complete restoration; and to recover self-esteem and self-sufficiency through programs that balance prevention and intervention in a safe and nurturing environment. Program Countries: Bolivia GCF # 1008 Team Lead: Merle Hogman and Joelle Loewen Social Media: [...]

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Crossing Cultures International

CCI exists to glorify God by equipping Christ followers globally with comprehensive training for effective ministry. Program Countries: Global - 33+ Countries with head office in Brandon, Florida GCF # 1007 Team Lead: Dr. David Nelson, President Website: www.cciequip.org Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Donate from Canada: Click here for information on giving by cheque or pre-authorized debit Return To Projects Directory

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Balzers In Asia Pacific

Our passion is to help communities grow together in hope, healing, and education. Our tools are community radio, education for refugees and marginalized peoples, and other training and development projects. We have worked with Reach Beyond since 2006, helping nationals to grow their own capacity to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their communities. Program Countries: Asia Pacific GCF # 1006 Team Lead: Steve and Lisa Balzer Website: reachbeyond.org Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Donate from Canada: Click here for information on giving by cheque or pre-authorized debit Click here for the [...]

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Heart For Lebanon

Heart for Lebanon is a non-denominational Christian organization creating faith-defining environments that give under resourced families and children in Lebanon the chance to encounter God and grow spiritually.  Heart for Lebanon’s commitment is to raise up new communities of faith; loving, caring, forgiving communities lead by Godly leaders.  Someday they will return to Syria with God-like character and the skills necessary to help rebuild Syria as Biblical servant leaders. Program Countries: Lebanon GCF # 799 Team Lead: James Ward and Camille Melki Team Members: Tom Atema Daoud Arnout Website: heartforlebanon.org Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube [...]

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