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Amazing Grace Missions

Amazing Grace Misssions (AGM) was originally started in January 2012 in the elementary school in Colonia Majisterio by Sylvia Julieta Bernal Rodriguez and Stanley Woodward, as a result of being asked to do a 6-week course in family values with a number of mothers in the area. This eventually led to the formation of a mission effort to provide food, clothing, medical assistance, vocational training, English classes, spiritual support, and much more.  AGM has grown steadily to the present time and is located at Parque de Villar in Bosques de Progreso. AGM is committed to supporting the families [...]

Amazing Grace Missions2019-11-15T07:34:38-08:00


Working for the renewal in the church of Jesus Christ through retreats, conferences, print and online resources. Program Countries: USA GCF # 758 Team Lead: Melanie Gillgrist Team Members: Melanie Gillgrist Carolyn Arends Website: Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory


One Heart

One Heart advocates and fights for vulnerable babies who have fallen through the cracks and who would otherwise end up abandoned. We will fight for their best physical, emotional, and spiritual future. The job ahead to see this change requires passion and knowledge of many things: orphan care, adoption, trauma, attachment/growth and development; as well as leadership skills and basic administrative know how.  One Heart will open an orphanage as a safe refuge and loving home for Taiwan’s most vulnerable children, including (but not limited to) babies who have been abused, neglected, or born with a medical condition. [...]

One Heart2019-11-13T14:40:57-08:00

Overcomer Truckers Chapel

Overcomer Truckers Chapel (OTC) was founded in 2019 for the purpose of evangelizing, encouraging, and sharing the good news of the Gospel with thousands of truckers who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. For our believing brothers and sisters, OTC will give the much needed fellowship and spiritual nourishment they need while on the road. I was a Christian trucker 30+ years and I know firsthand how difficult it is being away from family for weeks or sometimes months at a time. OTC is dedicated to help the non-believing truckers find a personal relationship with Jesus [...]

Overcomer Truckers Chapel2019-11-15T08:59:21-08:00

Serve To Empower Africa

Serve to Empower Africa is a faith-based ministry that operates in Kenya (Africa). There are many families whose ability to afford even the most basic life sustaining goods and services is below the known bare minimum levels.  Serve to Empower Africa's vision is to enable families encounter God’s love and care by participating in providing a foundation on which they can grow and thrive. Such a foundation is built around potentials and opportunities available to the family and working towards converting them into life sustaining avenues that improves the well-being of the family both physically and spiritually.  We [...]

Serve To Empower Africa2019-11-08T07:11:58-08:00

Faith At Home Canada

Faith at Home exists to encourage, equip, and inspire churches to build faith into the next generation through the enduring strength of homes.  We work with church leaders to build discipleship ministries that seek to equip the home to be the primary place where faith is nurtured and lived out. Program Countries: Canada GCF # 754 Team Lead: Brian Siewert Team Members: Brian Siewert Mark Holmen Website: Social Media: Facebook Twitter Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

Faith At Home Canada2019-11-06T09:05:20-08:00

Asociatia Aproape de Tine/ri – Heroes Craiova

Our organization believes in making disciples. Our focus is in building strong relationships with the teenagers and invest in their lives following the great commission. We first meet them in schools, through the Heroes project where we meet teenagers aged between 12-15. We aim to encourage young people in our community to discover their gifts and abilities, believing they are unique and have the power to make good choices for themselves so they can have a positive impact both on their own lives but also on others around them. Then we invite them to be part of our [...]

Asociatia Aproape de Tine/ri – Heroes Craiova2019-11-01T15:38:14-08:00

Nigeria Project

Nigeria Project is Empowering the Persecuted Church in Northern Nigeria. Many Christians have suffered persecution and have been displaced as a result of the atrocities committed by Islamic Militants in Nigeria. The Nigeria Project is assisting displaced people, youth, and local missionaries through practical, emotional and spiritual support. Another focus is on providing access to Christian education. We pray God will provide and guide, we trust He will prompt many to share in meeting the needs of the Persecuted Church in Nigeria. Program Countries: Nigeria GCF # 751 Team Lead: Yusuf Mohammed Website: Social Media: Donate [...]

Nigeria Project2019-10-31T14:03:27-08:00

Bibles For The World

Bibles For The World is a catalyst for individual and cultural change through Christ and the power of God's Word. BFTW provides, free of charge, Bibles and Bible portions across the globe to people who have little or no access to God's Word in their own language. We also provide Christian education to students in India through 40+ Christian day schools, a college and seminary. Our Sielmat Christian Hospital provides compassionate care in the name of Jesus to underserved and impoverished people in NE India. Program Countries: Global - 123 Nations GCF # 749 Team Lead: John L. [...]

Bibles For The World2019-10-29T11:35:16-08:00

Faith In Action

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit missions organization. Our heart and number one goal is bringing the gospel to unreached villages, we do this through service, evangelism, and planting churches in villages that have not heard the gospel or do not have a church. The regions we serve are only accessible by 4x4 vehicles or by boat. Through all the ways of serving our end goal is for them to know Christ! Program Countries: Guatemala GCF # 747 Team Lead: Jared Phillips Team Members: Kayla Phillips Michael Beene Rocky Beene Website: Social Media: Facebook Instagram Donate [...]

Faith In Action2019-10-29T09:33:23-08:00