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Making friends among Canadian newcomers. God has brought the nations to our doorstep - many of whom represent people groups who have had little or no access to the Good News.  It’s an honour to share his love, grace and story with them! Join us! Program Countries: Global GCF # 714 Team Lead: Elissa Dawn Website: > Social Media: > Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory


Open Bible Missions Centre

The Open Bible Mission Centre was founded in 2017 in response to the plight of young street children. We rescue and rehabilitate children who are  orphaned, abandoned, abused, desperate or neglected. We then provide them with food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, spiritual guidance, mentorship and most importantly parental love. There are about 78 street children (5 yrs - 12 yrs) in the rehabilitation centre. Our first project was a school for street children, these children could not afford school fees for the government schools and had problems in their homes. The Open Bible Mission Centre currently runs [...]

Open Bible Missions Centre2019-07-16T13:06:29-07:00

Faith Hope Love Family Service Association

Faith Hope Love Family Services Association is a ministry that focuses on provision of basic needs for poor and helpless orphans and vulnerable children. We read in the word of God that we are to care for orphans and believe God has directed us to do this work and to share his love for them through providing and caring for these children. Program Countries: Ethiopia GCF # 704 Team Lead: Wolde Wakaso Team Members: Airi Tuomi, Hana Barasa, Abebe Kibret Website: Social Media: Facebook Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory [...]

Faith Hope Love Family Service Association2019-07-16T12:47:05-07:00

Progress Out Of Poverty Starts With Hope

Living in extreme poverty means living without hope. Poverty is a vicious cycle of failure that reinforces feelings of inferiority and worthlessness. Families in poverty often have no one to rely on in times of crisis.* The Great Commission Foundation works with over 370 ministries and organizations around the world; many of them work with the those living in extreme poverty. International Care Ministries is a project that focuses on children who are at the bottom of the economic ladder in the Philippines. As the 12th most populous country in the world, the Philippines is home to more than [...]

Progress Out Of Poverty Starts With Hope2019-07-16T09:23:24-07:00

CornerBend Ministries

Grief. No one makes it through life without experiencing grief. Most people don’t know what to say or do that is helpful for their grieving friends, neighbours or colleagues. CornerBend provides simple yet effective grief coaching through blogs, articles, video, speaking, and a book called, “The Little Black Funeral Dress – Five Things I Wish I Known About Grief.” As simple ideas of expressing empathy and compassion to the bereaved are applied, the world will feel like a kinder, more compassionate place for the brokenhearted.  Ephesians 4:32a “Be kind and compassionate to one another. . . “ Program [...]

CornerBend Ministries2019-07-03T14:39:45-07:00

Jessica Stregger

I believe that God has called me to teach people in areas like administration, bookkeeping and using software in a ministry setting. My desire is to help fill gaps in these areas for ministries both in Canada and around the world. My goal is to train others how to do the jobs I do, ultimately working myself out of a job everywhere I go. I have seen that, in ministry, many people struggle when dealing with administrative and technological tasks related to their ministries, and that as the national church grows there is also a great need for [...]

Jessica Stregger2019-07-03T14:25:14-07:00

Kwagala Ministries International

Kwagala exists to provide relief to homeless children by giving them a home and education. Our social workers work hard to build relationships with the families of the children and when possible, resettlement back into their families is ALWAYS the main goal. “KWAA-GA-LA” MEANS LOVE. Program Countries: Uganda GCF # 700 Team Lead: Raoul Mugosa Team Members: Robbie Palmer Malia Palmer Website: Social Media: Facebook Instagram Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

Kwagala Ministries International2019-06-28T11:58:19-07:00

Short Term Missions in Guatemala

Perhaps you haven't had a 60+ year old woman beg you for food in a developing country.  The sad reality is, through no fault of their own, there are many people around the world who aren't getting enough to eat. Through God's prompting, and as a result of his love for us, Mision Hispana Mission Society was born. The Mision Hispana team serves and ministers to the poor, the orphaned, the widowed, and the elderly. God's love is meant to be shared both practically and through his message of redemption; we encourage people to experience the joy of giving [...]

Short Term Missions in Guatemala2019-06-28T11:09:36-07:00

Rose Church

Rose Church is a church in Winnipeg that exists to see people from all walks of life discover Jesus and flourish in their God-given purpose Program Countries: Canada - Winnipeg GCF # 707 Team Lead: Roberta Roslund Zach Oulton Mark Roslund Team Members: > Website: Social Media: Facebook Instagram Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

Rose Church2019-06-25T10:24:17-07:00

Johan and Chloe Van Heerden

Johan and Chloe are based in Yerevan, Armenia, carrying the Gospel of Jesus to Armenia and surrounding countries. They are focused on evangelism, teaching the Word of God and raising leaders. They desire to strengthen and support the local church in Yerevan and in the villages, especially Yazidi/Kurdish villages. They will also provide support to the persecuted church, a ministry to Pastors, and a ministry to children. Program Countries: Armenia GCF # 706 Team Lead: Johan Van Heerden Chloe Van Heerden Team Members: > Website: > Social Media: > > > > > Donate from Canada: [...]

Johan and Chloe Van Heerden2019-07-02T10:26:47-07:00