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Worldview Summit

Worldview Summit features the ministry of Peter Kupisz. It seeks to share the gospel and apologetics throughout the world. Apologetics is focused on why Christianity makes sense and seeks to provide the best responses to the many objections made toward faith in Jesus (1 Peter 3:15). Program Countries: Global GCF # 739 Team Lead: Peter Kupisz Website: Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Donate from Canada: Click here for US Donor Page Return To Projects Directory

Worldview Summit2019-09-19T07:16:31-07:00

Fundacion Soluciones Juveniles

Christ for the Nations, Colombia is a leadership school for Spanish speaking young adults.  The young Latino leaders are equipped and inspired to invest their lives to serve the kingdom of God in full-time ministry or in their profession.   The school has several projects such as working with the local church, outreaches to the people who live on the street, and on-going missions to the Amazons, the Guajira, Venezuela and other locations.  Emphasis is on social work as well as evangelism. Graduates are serving in about 25 countries spanning across four continents.  The young, passionate Latinos are able [...]

Fundacion Soluciones Juveniles2019-09-19T10:42:23-07:00

Eurasia Partners Network

Our vision is to accelerate indigenous, gospel-centered, multiplying church planting movements throughout every region of Eurasia. We do this through coaching, connecting and resourcing indigenous pastors and church planters who are reaching their local communities with the gospel. Program Countries: Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia GCF # 734 Team Lead: Jim Sinn Team Members: Vlad and Anna Kostornyy Website: Social Media: > Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

Eurasia Partners Network2019-09-16T10:26:15-07:00

Generation RightNow Blessings Network

Our teams support and serve the Thailand National Vision founded in 2006 (the national plan for Evangelism of Thailand). We are training Christian youth and Church leaders all over Thailand. We also support Church planting teams and Church growth in many areas. Our teams are the main source supporting large Christian events in Thailand such as Amazing Love Festival, Thai Christian Congress, and iServe projects. Program Countries: Thailand GCF # 733 Team Leads: Pastor Suwit and Nan Raocharoenphorn, Sai Kamonchanok and Dong Arnan Team Members: Rosaline Murada Yuwadee Wannasuk Warintip Boonprakong Chitranat Jailkleaw Natenaphit Jaipring Chansuda Butdachak Website: [...]

Generation RightNow Blessings Network2019-09-13T11:05:18-07:00

Faith And Fruit

Our purpose is to engage in holistic, sustainable development among the needy of Latin America while preaching Christ as Lord and Savior. We strive to begin with community-expressed needs and community assets, the methodology which empowers others both physically and spiritually. We mobilize and multiply technical expertise in water and sanitation, agriculture, and technology to serve marginalized peoples, particularly indigenous. Our objective is to see lives transformed by the saving grace of Jesus such that we all can live out our calling with our identity founded on the true freedom offered by the Gospel of Christ. Our desired [...]

Faith And Fruit2019-09-06T12:02:28-07:00

Heroic Family Missions

60% of students don’t believe there is a God. 90% of Christians don’t share their faith regularly. It gets worse. 70% of Christian teens drop their faith by age 20. 30% of Christian marriages end in divorce. What can we do? Think family friendly missions. Heroic Family Missions exists to provide tools, training and opportunities for families to embrace the Great Commission together. A way to unify families by helping them seek God for a vision they can embrace, a mission they can pursue together and training that will help them be more effective and fruitful. As a [...]

Heroic Family Missions2019-09-03T10:52:27-07:00

Emmanuel Foundation

Emmanuel Foundation exists to help and educate poor tribal and Dalit children with a  quality education in English and plant churches among the tribal and Dalit community. While we are currently focusing on providing assistance and education to children, there are many opportunities to meet physical, educational, and spiritual needs and our desire to is expand our ministry in the following areas: Start boarding/hostels for both boys and girls, where they can stay and concentrate on learning. Start a Bible School for tribal youth and couples, where they are taught Biblical truths and are equipped for church planting. [...]

Emmanuel Foundation2019-08-26T14:16:39-07:00

Sarah Seage

For the 4th year I will be returning to Kampala and will be travelling from the main city into more rural communities. I will be speaking with churches, training young leaders, visiting primary schools and running various outreach events and programs. I will be visiting with many families and providing care when possible. This involves Christmas hampers, work projects, family mentoring and job security assistance. Program Countries: Uganda GCF # 728 Team Lead: Sarah Seage Website: Social Media: Blog Instagram Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

Sarah Seage2019-08-22T15:47:41-07:00

Rocete Family Ministry

The Rocete family serve the congregation of Cristo Centro Independencia in Tijuana through preaching, teaching, worship leading, counseling, and discipleship training.  They also have a ministry to drug addicts and have outreach programs to deported families and the poor.  They hope to plant new churches in the surrounding communities over the next few years. Program Countries: Mexico GCF # 727 Team Lead: Sergio Rocete Team Members: Martha Arellano,  Emmanuel Rocete, Elias Rocete Website: Social Media: Facebook Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

Rocete Family Ministry2019-08-22T13:04:25-07:00