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Information about Great Commission Foundation

Want more information about Great Commission Foundation? You can download our PDF booklet, or, view the SlideShare presentation below. Click to download Click the SlideShare link (bottom right corner) to view on LinkedIn. Introducing the Great Commission Foundation from Chad Bruneski

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Narrow Road Home

HELPING FREE LIVES FROM CHAOS, ADDICTION & CRISIS Narrow Road Home is a Faith-based Recovery Centre and Rehab Home for Women, based in High River, Alberta. The Great Commission Foundation has been given the opportunity to manage the benevolent side of this ministry, handling the donations given by individuals who want to ensure that women [...]

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Restoration Gateway

MAKING CLEAR GOD'S SACRIFICIAL GRACE This week the GCF team was able to spend time with Dave and Janna McPhee of Restoration Gateway, a disciple-making ministry in Uganda. Among the many things Dave and Janna do, ministering to the local churches in Uganda plays a significant role. Dave shared of a recent time when God’s [...]

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Roots and Wings

SPIRITUAL and FAMILY CARE Roots and Wings International Ministries is a GCF project based in Mexico that provides support for families in need. They provide support in three key ways: Offering parents and care-givers affordable childcare while they work to provide for their families. Empowering families by helping each parent or caregiver develop the skills and resources they [...]

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El Camino

BURN CAMPS INTRODUCE EVERLASTING HEALING IN MEXICO We were inspired today during our meeting with Great Commission Foundation partners at El Camino in Guaymas, Mexico. El Camino’s presence in the state of Sonoma has been an important one for many years. Through the Saturday morning children’s ministry, El Camino has seen the Lord’s healing hand both [...]

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IT'S JUST that SIMPLE I have another situation where I have three camps that we actually serve and none of them has a CRA registration. Two of those camps have applied repeatedly for registration and there’s always some delay. They can never get it. It’s been years and years but there are three children’s camps that are [...]

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Project Jesus for Children

NO WORRIES I have a fellow from Alberta that sold his business and took his family to Costa Rica. While he was in business one of his favorite projects to support was the Jesus Film project. He was going to take a year’s sabbatical with his family and after a short while he got restless [...]

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Great Commission Media Ministries

FREED UP for MINISTRY The Great Commission Media Ministries (GCM ministries) came to us when they were being challenged by CRA. GCM has always been a friend of mine going back to before I even started the foundation. One day, they were sharing the struggle they were going through and how they might lose their CRA registration. [...]

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