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Five & Two Network – COVID-19 Crisis Update

Five & Two Network is a global community of change-makers and activists collaborating to fight poverty. We help vulnerable communities transform from the inside out. We get behind local groups who share our vision rather than hiring local people to run our programs. From formal organizations to grassroots associations, we offer training and support with the goal of making our members effective and sustainable. Through the Five & Two Network, practitioners from over a dozen countries are collaborating together to help vulnerable communities reach their developmental goals. We are using our same ABCD Asset Based Community Development principles [...]

Five & Two Network – COVID-19 Crisis Update2020-05-12T07:34:00-07:00

Child Support Ministries Africa – COVID-19 Crisis Update

In Uganda, the government declared a total lock-down due to the Corona Virus outbreak in March 2020.  All schools, businesses, public transport, and all non-essential public and privates services were suspended and people are asked to stay at their homes.   Once all schools were closed, all the children came back to our Child Support Centre in Kampala.  This means that we must provide extra hand washing cisterns, soap, sanitizers, masks, and medication, and a daily healthy diet to keep them safe.  Some of the children and youth who live with HIV/AIDS are most at risk since they have [...]

Child Support Ministries Africa – COVID-19 Crisis Update2020-05-12T07:34:42-07:00

New Heights Ministry – #GivingTueNow

COVID-19 Crisis Response As an organization, we acknowledge that the real value of what we have to offer is in the message we communicate. That is why our means of communication may change depending on the audience or context, but our message of hope through Jesus Christ will always remain the same. On October 17th, large scale street demonstrations began in Lebanon. Roads, banks, and schools were closed. The situation has been very uncertain, both politically and economically. As a result, we chose to focus our efforts on our digital work. Now, along with the rest of the [...]

New Heights Ministry – #GivingTueNow2020-04-29T18:19:17-07:00

Horizon | Empower the Orphaned – COVID-19 Crisis Update

Orphaned children are among the most vulnerable in the world. Without a family to turn to, many children have uncertain futures and no true sense of identity and belonging. The current COVID-19 crisis has escalated the need for supplies in our communities in Kenya, Guatemala, and Honduras. Ensuring staff and children living in our Micro Communities have access to proper supplies, food, and medical services, if necessary. Your donation will help provide safety and security to many children who are finally finding their place within a family, and their place in the world. We need your help. We [...]

Horizon | Empower the Orphaned – COVID-19 Crisis Update2020-05-12T07:34:31-07:00

Lighthouse Voyage – COVID-19 Crisis Update

Lighthouse Voyage exists to be a beacon of hope for sex-trafficked women and children in India. A pandemic threat like the COVID-19 crisis affects every population without prejudice, and we stand to speak for those whose voices cannot be heard through the global outcry in this season. By providing shelter, care, and rehabilitation to those individuals who are neglected and abused by their own communities, we provide healing and hope in a part of the world not characterized by widespread access to healthcare or social programs in the ways that North America is blessed to be. Our ministry [...]

Lighthouse Voyage – COVID-19 Crisis Update2020-05-12T07:30:36-07:00

International Care Ministries – #GivingTueNow

COVID-19 Crisis Response So far, the Philippines has about 7,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and about 500 deaths. These are overwhelmingly in the Manila area since testing in the provinces is limited. At ICM, we are starting to see the provincial health impact of the virus – the father of one of our senior ICM staff was diagnosed with COVID-19 two days ago and he passed away yesterday. But with lockdowns, our staff member was unable to be in her hometown. We grieve for her and for her family. And for many other Filipino families who will soon be [...]

International Care Ministries – #GivingTueNow2020-05-26T15:34:52-07:00

Fida International – COVID-19 Crisis Update

In East Africa, the CORONA SPRING may become a time of despair. So many people at risk hunger and even death. Although the number of infected persons is still low, we know that the COVID-19 crisis also has the potential to create a severe food security crisis in Africa. The region’s fragile health systems could quickly get overloaded in a widespread outbreak. FAO is particularly concerned about “the pandemic’s impacts on vulnerable communities already grappling with hunger or other crises such as the desert locust outbreak in the Horn of Africa”.  (sourced from: SCMP 19.04.20) Fida International partners [...]

Fida International – COVID-19 Crisis Update2020-05-12T08:25:41-07:00

Living Stones Orphanage – COVID-19 Crisis Update

Hi!  This is Ken & Cris Sandberg, directors of Living Stones Orphanage in Davao City, Philippines which recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary.  We have dealt with a lot of challenges at the care home through the years, but the COVID-19 Crisis has been unique.  Here's a summary of what the orphanage has been facing--  First of all, before the Lockdown in Davao City, all of the orphans who were studying in local schools had their classes canceled.  Then, the administration of LSO had to cancel all events of visitors coming into the home. Normally, many people like to [...]

Living Stones Orphanage – COVID-19 Crisis Update2020-05-12T08:29:44-07:00

Great Commission Media Ministries – COVID-19 Crisis Update

As Christians, we need to be creative with the opportunities and technology that God has given us. Great Commission Media Ministries (GCMM) is unique in its strategy, using mass media and technology to reach out to the lost. Satellite TV is accessible and safe for people exploring Christianity in places where missionaries cannot go. For many Muslims around the world, government and social restrictions barricade access to the Gospel in ways that are nearly impossible to overcome.  Not only this, but it is effective! GCMM receives hundreds of thousands of letters and emails every month from new Christians [...]

Great Commission Media Ministries – COVID-19 Crisis Update2020-05-12T08:24:16-07:00

Bethel Mission Organization – COVID-19 Crisis Update

The children and families living in graveyards, slums, remote communities, and prisons are increasingly facing food shortages and sickness as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are at high risk of being infected because of poor hygiene and sanitation. They do not have access to proper washroom facilities, washing areas, or soap and toiletries. Urgent Needs Currently, Bethel Mission Organization is doing it's best to help as much as possible, unfortunately, there has been no assistance from the government and other aid agencies up to this point. COVID-19 has halted nearly everything in Cambodia; this has [...]

Bethel Mission Organization – COVID-19 Crisis Update2020-05-12T08:20:47-07:00