Tracking income and expenses for ministry, can be time-consuming, and often frustrating. The requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency ensure the support a charity receives is spent for the charitable purposes the organization was created to engage in. This requires careful oversight and the necessity to have records that accurately reflect revenue and expenses. Our experienced office staff make this process as easy as possible and our 24/7 online access allows you to easily see reports to keep you up-to-date with ministry finances. When you join the Great Commission Foundation you can spend more time ministering to people, fulfilling God’s call on your life.

You are focused on ministry and fulfilling the Great Commission! Unfortunately, sometimes the paperwork gets in the way of ministry.

Challenges of Engaging Volunteers:
Staying apprised of and meeting the compliance requirements of Canada’s Revenue Agency is vital, it can be a challenge to find volunteers with the knowledge and experience required to ensure the ministry is operating in compliance with CRA.

Challenges of Hiring Staff:
Alternatively, you may consider hiring staff; this can be expensive and it remains challenging to find people with the experience and skills needed for overseeing the unique requirements of managing a non-profit’s financials, donor receipting, and meeting government compliance standards. Finding people with the specialized knowledge needed to manage these critical areas optimally is not an easy task.

Benefits of GCF’s Team:
The Great Commission Foundation is the perfect solution for non-profits and charities. When you are a project of the Great Commission Foundation our office staff provides donor services, financial services, and government compliance guidance, allowing you to focus on ministry. We also employ the services of charity specialist financial services and have charity specialist lawyers on retainer as additional resources to ensure we are providing the best information available to our projects.
Each project has a GCF Agent Representative that is committed to understanding ministry and project needs, while keeping reporting and support efficient and effective.

Financial Management:
Our accounting team wants to see our ministries and projects thrive, they will take care of payables (including invoices and expense claims), contract payments, payroll & benefits, and other accounting needs.
Online 24/7 access to financials allows you to view password protected balance sheets, income statements and account activity.

International Bank Transfers:
We can wire funds internationally and have procedures in place to ensure funds sent are accounted for correctly to meet CRA requirements.