The lives of youth are being destroyed because they don’t know who they are. We introduce them to true identity as children of God, through action and adventure sports, so they live understanding that they are loved, with value and purpose.

We accomplish this through our team of professional action sports athletes via summer camps, events, after-school programs, gap-year programs, and a state of the art online platform.

Program Countries:

USA, International

GCF # 1034

Team Lead:

Brandon Heidemann – Founder, President, 2nd In Command

Team Members:

Randy Heidemann (Camp Director/Property Director)

Jindy Davis (Office Manager)

Jaret Brantley (Sports Director/Social Media)

Gabe Heidemann (Grounds/Security/Facilities)

Tim Davis (Program Director/Community Outreach)

Karie Coachman (Events Coordinator/Admin Assistant)

Katherine Snyder (App Development)

Brooke Cortese (Prayer Team Captain)

Kim Heidemann (“Camp Mom” – Hospitality)

Emmett Lorette (Assistant Sports Director)

Bethany Anderson (Staff Development/Admin Assistant)


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