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Vancouver Connect

Vancouver Connect is in ministry for three purposes: Loving God, Loving People, Loving Life. Located in it's namesake - Vancouver, BC - this church desires to be used of God to impact their city and community with the love and redeeming work of Jesus Christ. Program Countries: Canada - Vancouver GCF # 674 Team Lead: Andre Solorzano Team Members: Website: Social Media: Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

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Liberte City

Liberte City is a non-denominational church reaching unbelievers with the gospel of Jesus. Liberte City offers Sunday gatherings and mid-week small groups to all who are searching for truth. Program Countries: Ottawa, Canada GCF # 673 Team Lead: Levi Marychurch Team Members: > Website: Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

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SOAR International Ministries

SOAR is a unique ministry that seeks to fulfill the Great Commission in Russia by: Encouraging and assisting local Russian pastors, churches, and organizations in their ministries Equipping local believers to continue ministry and discipleship in their communities Evangelizing the spiritually lost in Russia to bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus Program Countries: Russia GCF # 669 Team Lead: Becky Dwinnell Team Members: Ian Thompson Website: Social Media: Facebook Twitter Vimeo Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

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Zachary Gobbett

Zachary Gobbett is working in ministry with KidCity7, an initiative to reach children and youth in local neighborhoods with the truth and love of God. They use their Sidewalk Sunday School truck to travel and communicate the gospel. Each truck goes out with a team and is equipped with a self-contained stage, a sound system, and more. KidCity7 evangelism and discipleship program has four phases: Outreach, Family Restoration, Life Skills, and Church Shuttle Transportation. Program Countries: USA - Kansas City, Missouri GCF # 671 Team Lead: Zachary Gobbett Team Members: Website: Social Media: > Donate [...]

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Casey Quek

Casey Quek is serving as the Pastoral Assistant to the Youth Pastor's and Creative Pastor, including serving in the community services with METRO Church. Our goal is to see the youth in our neighbourhood get involved in our programs and help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Our Creative department provides worship services during our Friday and Sunday services, including conferences and special events. In addition, our department is responsible for producing songs and albums to distribute globally. The goal is to see people encounter God during worship and have a meaningful impact in their lives by [...]

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The Champion Centre

Over the years, The Champion’s Centre and its volunteers have served countless individuals by providing them with food, shelter and clothing. Most importantly, the non-profit, charitable and interdenominational Christian organization has served the spiritual needs of these individuals by listening and encouraging them, praying with them and providing Christian literature. In 2016, the Medicine Hat chapter split off from The Champion’s Centre National Board to become a separate entity. This independence would allow the chapter to focus on its strengths in order to serve the community of Medicine Hat in a greater way. In addition, as part of [...]

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Beauty for Ashes Rwanda

Beauty for Ashes Rwanda is a ministry with a vision to evangelize and assist the communities, families and children of Rwanda, sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Amanda Fung, alongside her husband Olivier Kavutse, are responsible for providing leadership for the ministry. They desire that God will bring about positive change in Rwanda and are using a variety of methods to reach the communities in which they work - evangelism, community support, discipleship and leadership development. They are responsible for ministry development, partnership development, fund raising and donor relations, leadership training, preaching, teaching, worship leading, discipleship, mentorship, and counseling. [...]

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I Like Giving/JTTW

Our mission is to inspire the world to live generously and experience the joy of a generous life. We work with business leaders, pastors and families to activate them to give and be generous in seven areas of their lives: their words, thoughts, time, money, influence, attention and stuff. Program Countries: USA GCF # 663 Team Lead: Brad Formsma Team Members: Kierstin Toth Website: Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

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Mary Cho

Mary Cho is involved in Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some facts about Sierra Leone... Capital: Freetown Spoken languages: Temne; Mende; Krio Population: 7.557 million (2017) World Bank Life expectancy: 51.84 years (2016) World Bank The original Portuguese name, Serra Lyoa (“Lion Mountains”), referred to the range of hills that surrounds the harbour. The capital, Freetown, commands one of the world’s largest natural harbours. LITERACY: PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION AGE 15 AND OVER LITERATE Male: (2015) 58.7% Female: (2015) 37.7% The Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone estimated that 77% of Sierra [...]

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