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Christian Grandparenting Network (Canada)

Christian Grandparenting Network (Canada) is devoted to challenging those in the second half of life to finish the race well, as channels of God’s grace and truth, so that future generations will know, love and serve Christ. CGNC is committed to helping individuals and churches cultivate “intentionality” in inter-generational ministry by focusing on and strengthening the grandparent-grandchild relationship and taking seriously their role to make much of Christ and His Gospel to the next generations. Program Countries: Canada GCF # 688 Team Lead: David Schiedel - Director Team Members: Kathie Schiedel Ed Jansen Deborah Close Website: Social Media: [...]

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Godwin Ezizor Ministries International

Godwin Ezizor Ministries International Inc.'s mission is to bring the Lost and Unsaved to the Cross of Christ through interdenominational and non-denominational Gospel Crusades and Revival Programs across Africa and the Nations. To rekindle and set the Church and Body of Christ back to the Sole Purpose and Assignment of the Master before His Second Coming through Revival, Prayer and Souls Missionary Conferences in collaboration with Pastors &Churches. To carry out specific Charity and Social Outreach on identified people's group from time to time all over the world in line with vision of bringing men to the Master [...]

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AH Ministries International

The guiding purpose and vision of AH Ministries International is to boldly share the message of Jesus Christ to Muslims around the world, to unveil the deceptions of Islam, and minister to searching hearts worldwide. We are dedicated to teaching, training and discipleship by helping new converts develop a deeper understanding of Christianity. These new Christians go into the harvest fields fully prepared to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our team operates a Christian Arabic television channel named Al Hayat, produces cutting-edge television programming, develops groundbreaking media projects, provides worldwide prayer counseling, and maintains an [...]

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John and Nelly Wry

John and Nelly Wry are working with indigenous Christian leaders in Bolivia, teaching and equipping them to be disciple makers. The emphasis is on replication, indigenization, transferability and sustainability. Their focus is on providing current Christian leaders with a holistic curriculum they can use to thrive in their mission and ministry efforts. Program Countries: Bolivia GCF # 685 Team Lead: John Wry Team Members: Website: Social Media: Twitter Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

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Kara Cousins

Kara lives and works in Kigali, Rwanda where she serves with IT Rwanda as their communications manager and works with the team to develop a mentoring training program for youth. As part of this ministry, she is developing training material, facilitating workshops, and mentoring young women in the program. Along with this work, Kara also comes alongside other faith-based organizations in developing their communications plans to more effectively share their stories and grow their ministries. Program Countries: Rwanda GCF # 683 Team Lead: Kara Cousins Team Members: Website: Social Media: Donate from Canada: Return To [...]

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Hope Smiles Uganda

Hope Smiles empowers Ugandan servant leaders to live from awakened hearts through our Christian leadership training. Understanding the daily significance of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, these leaders build the Kingdom of God by restoring hope and transforming lives through quality, compassionate dental care in unreached communities throughout Uganda. Program Countries: Uganda GCF # 682 Team Lead: Dr. Ryan Shinska Team Members: Website: Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

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Living Stones Orphanage

Living Stones Orphanage is a home for orphaned, abandoned, or abused children. Many of those children get adopted locally and internationally. Ken and Cris Sandberg are the directors of the orphanage and conduct youth camps, oversee tribal leadership training, and speak in conferences for pastors and women. They often take the gospel message to other nations throughout Asia, and they are actively raising up Filipino missionaries to do the same. Program Countries: Global GCF # 610 Team Lead: Ken and Cris Sandberg Team Members: Website: Social Media: > Donate from Canada: Return To [...]

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Faith At Work Network

Faith At Work Network exists to connect and equip Christians in the marketplace to positively impact their organization by living God’s Kingdom principles. Faith At Work Network facilitates Workplace Bible Studies Mentoring Developing training material and programs for Christians in the marketplace Program Countries: Canada GCF # 680 Team Lead: James Bruyn Team Members: Website: Social Media: Twitter Donate from Canada: Return To Projects Directory

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