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Rachel Froese

I became an overseas worker because I love Jesus and He caught me up into His story.  There are still people in the world who have never heard about the Gospel – the lengths that God went to prove His love for humanity.  My purpose for being in Nepal is to join with Jesus in reaching people with the Gospel, supporting the local Church to love Jesus & share with those around them, and to love Jesus in a nation where creation is worshipped over their Creator.  Join me in this Story! Program Countries: Nepal GCF # 782 [...]

Rachel Froese2020-01-23T08:38:15-08:00

Paradise Church

We are a non-denominational English speaking Christian Church in Puerto Vallarta. We love Jesus and thoroughly enjoy sharing his love with everybody! Our mission is to “Love God. Love people. Period.” We provide, first, a community of faith and hope. Secondly, we provide free hot meals, English classes and mentoring to churches that desire to open their doors to serve their neighborhoods in Jesus’ Name. Finally, we are a mission base for churches and families who desire to minister in PV. Program Countries: Mexico GCF # 781 Team Lead: Pastor Ric Lehman and Joy Lehman Team Members: > [...]

Paradise Church2020-01-22T15:27:20-08:00

Amani Family Centre

We are a Christ led ministry providing high quality, evidence based maternity and child health care and social support to a slum community.  Our population consists if some of east Africa's most vulnerable and at risk women and children. Through this centre we provide clinical care, timely transfer access in cases of emergency, regular health screening and treatment of common infections (syhilis, HIV, typhoid, malaria), social support, food bank when supplies are available and safe house for mothers requiring protection from abusive relationships. We provide facility for mothers to meet to support each other weekly in a savings/ [...]

Amani Family Centre2020-01-22T14:53:04-08:00

Abide Well

At Abide Well we are passionate about providing “strong homes” for individuals in need. A strong home is a term used by Swazis in reference to a home built from masonry, typically cinder block. This is in opposition to one built from stick, mud, and cow dung. We go above and beyond the construction industry standard.  In fact, our roofs are twice as thick as the average roof in the country. While we do take pride in our homes, we are even more excited about the sustainable model of community development that creates the “back bone” of our [...]

Abide Well2020-01-14T15:18:05-08:00

Doulos Discovery School

Doulos Discovery School is located in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. With over 250 students (and counting) in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade from the full spectrum of socio-economic backgrounds, the needs of DDS are nuanced and great. Doulos Ministries supports DDS in a variety of functions such as student sponsorships, teacher/staff missionary sending and support, facilities oversight, mission trip coordination, capital development, and administrative support. Doulos Discovery School is unlike any other school of its kind. DDS is first and foremost a Christ-centered school that teaches from a biblical worldview foundation. As well, DDS is an Expeditionary Learning, Dominican, [...]

Doulos Discovery School2020-01-14T09:39:34-08:00

Arnold and Lisa Smyth

MCC provides camps three times a year (Easter, Summer and October) with a positive atmosphere, a variety of fun activities, and an emphasis on helping young people know God and understand His will for their lives, not only through Bible teaching and discussion, but also in other activities. We aim to show that the Lord Jesus can be a part of every aspect of their lives. God’s Word can equip our young people to become active, helpful members of society, and it is our purpose to help them come to a living, personal faith in the Lord Jesus [...]

Arnold and Lisa Smyth2020-01-09T14:26:44-08:00


Our vision is to see thriving communities where people intimately and joyfully know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and where the fruits of that relationship spill over into every area of life—spiritual, social, economic—and into every corner of their neighborhood. We all are blessed and gifted and equipped and called by God to contribute to growing His Kingdom. Nicaraguan believers live in the second-poorest economy in the western hemisphere, and yet they have much to share. A hope and joy and a ministry of reconciliation. We at Enruta are blessed to be a part of how God [...]


Seven Edge Success

The Seven Edge Leadership Program and the Life Map Experience The seven areas of development include; Strategic Edge, Mental Edge, Emotional Edge, Spiritual Edge, Team Edge, Physical Edge, and Management and Systems. Without a doubt, the weakest link with all people and organizations is tied to the lack of emotional intelligence (EI). Emotional intelligence consists of four areas; self-awareness, self- management, social awareness, and organizational awareness. The reality is that while trauma and conflict are imminent in all of our lives, it is this area that we are the least trained in to deal with those painful experiences. [...]

Seven Edge Success2020-01-21T07:53:08-08:00

Asha Chan

I believe God has called me to walk alongside, empower and champion young girls and women to seek their purpose and identity in Christ in order to recognize their potential and fulfill the calling God has placed on their life. The office I will be working with seeks to end modern day slavery through combating the people trafficking and sex industries which preys on young women and children. Specifically, I will be working as a Program Quality and Measurement Fellow. I will be providing support to the team in the design, monitoring and/or evaluation of projects. Program Countries: [...]

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Hurttimurtti produces Christian documentary films which deal with themes that clarify humanity and life from Biblical perspective. Our high quality documentaries are filmed in multiple locations throughout the world by an international production team of media professionals, who want to advance God’s Kingdom through film making. Films produced by Hurttimurtti are distributed through various social media outlets and we partner with Christian tv-channels worldwide to broadcast our documentaries. With your help, we can make a difference. We are sharing eternal truths by film to touch every single heart. Program Countries: Global (Headquarters in Finland) GCF # 771 Team [...]