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Progress Out Of Poverty Starts With Hope

Living in extreme poverty means living without hope. Poverty is a vicious cycle of failure that reinforces feelings of inferiority and worthlessness. Families in poverty often have no one to rely on in times of crisis.* The Great Commission Foundation works with over 370 ministries and organizations around the world; many of them work with the those living in extreme poverty. International Care Ministries is a project that focuses on children who are at the bottom of the economic ladder in the Philippines. As the 12th most populous country in the world, the Philippines is home to more than [...]

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Short Term Missions in Guatemala

Perhaps you haven't had a 60+ year old woman beg you for food in a developing country.  The sad reality is, through no fault of their own, there are many people around the world who aren't getting enough to eat. Through God's prompting, and as a result of his love for us, Mision Hispana Mission Society was born. The Mision Hispana team serves and ministers to the poor, the orphaned, the widowed, and the elderly. God's love is meant to be shared both practically and through his message of redemption; we encourage people to experience the joy of giving [...]

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Bulembu Adventure Race Fundraiser

Swaziland, a small, beautiful kingdom between South Africa and Mozambique, is in dire need. It has the one of the highest AIDS rates in the world and the disease has taken an entire generation of Swazis. In the 90’s the population was decreasing so rapidly that the UN estimated the Swazi people would be wiped out by the year 2050. Although hard work has improved the statistics, the country has suffered persistent drought, adding to the problems. There are around 120,000 orphans and vulnerable children in desperate need of care. In 2006, a team of social developers and entrepreneurs [...]

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No Credit Card Fee Donation Day

GCF is excited to have the opportunity to provide a No Credit Card Fee Donation Day on April 9, 2019! This means donations made using Credit Cards to any of our projects on April 9, 2019 from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM Eastern Time will have the 2.5% credit card fee credited back to the project - in other words they will be processed the same as cash donations. It's EASY to GIVE ONLINE, so take advantage of this special one-day campaign that benefits the Ministries, Individuals and Projects of GCF. We have over 350 projects to choose from, [...]

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Shelter Canada

Jim Noble heard God's call on his life to get involved in missions. As a member on his church denomination's mission board, he was made aware of the devastation and debilitating impact of war and natural disasters in a number of developing nations. There were many needs and desperate situations around the world, one of which was an earthquake in El Salvador in 2001 that killed more than 900 people and destroyed over 100,000 homes. God led Jim to focus on El Salvador to share the love of Jesus and provide safety and security to the poorest of the [...]

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Mision Hispana

GCF is pleased to highlight our people and projects, which are numerous and diverse, sharing how they are impacting lives around the world. Paul & Thania are Agents of the Great Commission Foundation (GCF), and work with Mision Hispana. Paul & Thania have a big month planned in December because they get to share the Great News of Jesus with so many people, and celebrate Jesus' birthday with gifts for the kids. While they look forward to the sharing opportunities this Christmas season, they also gave us an update of challenges, victories, and God's provision. We have included information [...]

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Beautiful Gate South Africa

GCF staff hear amazing stories from our project teams about what God is doing as a result of people stepping up and being willing to help. When possible we like to share a bit about some of our projects or their stories.  One of our projects is BEAUTIFUL GATE SOUTH AFRICA, they work in a holistic way in their community and focus their work on three critical areas: ​Family Strengthening, Child Health and Education. ​These are areas of great need within the South African peri-urban township context and have a significant impact on the lives of children and their [...]

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Alleviating the Administrative Burden for Non-Profits

GCF is a team of skilled administrative and accounting personnel providing a framework for ministries and non-profits to operate in good standing with the Canadian Revenue Agency and provides donors convenient ways to give gifts of cash and/or assets to these individuals and organizations. Ministries and projects engage in outreach activities and provide on-site personnel while GCF provides essential administrative and accounting expertise to enable them to do their ministry. It is a team effort working towards a common goal: the relief of poverty, the advancement of education and sharing the Christian faith. GCF has over 300 projects operating [...]

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Information about Great Commission Foundation

Want more information about Great Commission Foundation? You can download our PDF booklet, or, view the SlideShare presentation below. Click to download Click the SlideShare link (bottom right corner) to view on LinkedIn. Introducing the Great Commission Foundation from Chad Bruneski

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GCF Announces New President

The Great Commission Foundation (GCF) announces the promotion of Chad Bruneski to the role of President. Chad assumes the role of President after serving over two years as Executive Vice President under the direction of Founder Stuart Rempel, who started the ministry in 2002. Stuart will continue to be involved in his new role as Chairman of the Board, Senior Advisor, and partner in Growth and Development. The Great Commission Foundation is a registered charity that works with over 300 different charitable ministries and projects in over 70 countries. GCF provides low cost administrative services including bookkeeping and accounting, [...]

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