Chab Dai Coalition is an organization committed to working together with diverse stakeholders to abolish all forms of abuse and exploitation.

Chab Dai adheres to the philosophy that true social change will occur through the innovative approach of collective impact made by actors from various sectors committed to a common agenda. Our vision statement and ethos of collaboration with diverse groups and organizations reflects Chab Dai’s belief that no single organization or sector can address the issue of human trafficking. We must find ways of collaborating with one another – whether that sharing knowledge and resources, referring cases between organizational partners, or advocating with the government on larger policy changes.

If we want to see an end to an issue fueled by social inequality, culture and history, gender inequality, poverty and economic disempowerment, then organizations and stakeholders from different sectors need to have an interdisciplinary approach to anti-trafficking. Ultimately grounded in a human rights framework, stakeholders share the responsibility of combatting trafficking, by sharing their strengths, core competencies, and (financial or knowledge-based) resources.

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Cambodia and Global

GCF # 589

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Helen Sworn

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