When you join the Great Commission Foundation (GCF), we can provide you with more than donations support. 

Donors who believe in what you are doing will want to support your organization. Maintaining donor confidence is an important part of retaining their support for the ministry work. This requires time and knowledge. As a project of the Great Commission Foundation we encourage you to focus on the relationship side of donor care and share ministry news, while our professional donation team oversees the practical side by processing donor’s financial gifts and responding to their receipting or other donation questions.

The Great Commission Foundation is registered to do charitable work in Canada and the U.S.A. and our donors trust that we maintain compliance with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We processed over $38 Million in donations in 2019 for over 400 projects. We maintain careful records, provide donor support and operate in compliance with Government requirements for charities.

As an affiliated agent with GCF, you will receive premium donation processing through Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge™ along with the power of Financial Edge™. Donations can be handled in a variety of forms: cheque, cash, credit card, recurring donations, event registrations and more. Ministry supporters can contact us by email or phone, we are happy to answer their donation questions.

When you join the Great Commission Foundation, we provide an online donation page. We can also create a customized version that can be embedded on your organization’s website. You can also run Peer-to-Peer Online Fundraising with customized websites. In addition to standard events, agents can opt for Do It Yourself Virtual Events. Fundraising tools such as reports and mailing lists are also available to all our agents.


The Great Commission Foundation provides Canadian donors with official tax receipts they can use as a tax benefit.

Providing an official tax receipt recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires an organization to be registered to do charitable work in Canada. We work diligently to remain in good standing with CRA. We maintain meticulous records in order to meet the charitable requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency. Our commitment to the highest standards and full compliance means donors can trust the ministry and projects are operating in good standing, and their donations are used for the charitable purposes intended. Additionally, our office staff represent our projects in a highly professional way with great care for donors. We do this to honor God and the ministry.


Canada is the second largest donor market in the world – and may be more valuable than all the others.

Why? 40% of all charitable donations are given to religious charities. And Canadian donors have a longer-term donor value to Christian causes. However, to access those strong donors, it is imperative to provide donors with a CRA accepted receipt for donations.

Statistics prove a tax deductible receipt is highly valued by most Canadian donors.

  • The largest sector for donations by Canadians is religious, accounting for 40% of all donations (Thirty Years of Giving in Canada, Imagine Canada, 2019). 
  • Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) compliant receipting is very important to the Canadian donor. (The Giving Report,, 2018). 
  • Canadian donors can carry donations forward on their tax returns for up to five years. (Line 349, Canadian Revenue Agency).
  • In 2017 (latest year of available international data) Canadians had the 7th highest combined to tax rate out of the 34 industrialized countries. (Canada’s Rising Personal Tax Rates and Falling Tax Competitiveness. 2019Researched by Murphy, Palacios, & Fuss 2019*). 
  • Since this 2017 study*, both Federal and Provincial government tax rates have increased further. (Murphy et al., 2019).

U.S. and International non-profit organizations can legally raise funds in Canada and it is a very good idea to do so. But there are things you need to know…

MOST IMPORTANTLY: A charity that does not have CRA charitable status cannot provide a tax receipt
accepted by the Canadian government for a tax benefit to the donor.

U.S. tax receipts will not help a Canadian Donor outside of exceptional circumstances and a steady increase of Donors report that an adequate tax receipt is very important to them While personal and ideological motivations are reported by a much higher proportion of donors, tax-credits and religious obligations have larger effects on the amounts donated. The following graphic from Thirty Years of Giving in Canada, Imagine Canada, 2019 may help explain the importance of CRA compliance to the Canadian donor.

Canadian donors traditionally have a significant long-term donor value (LTDV) to charities they believe in. The Giving Report,, 2018. As seen in the Canadian Donor information listed above, it is important for organizations outside of Canada to provide Canadian donors with official tax receipt accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency.