Our vision is to see thriving communities where people intimately and joyfully know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and where the fruits of that relationship spill over into every area of life—spiritual, social, economic—and into every corner of their neighborhood. We all are blessed and gifted and equipped and called by God to contribute to growing His Kingdom. Nicaraguan believers live in the second-poorest economy in the western hemisphere, and yet they have much to share. A hope and joy and a ministry of reconciliation. We at Enruta are blessed to be a part of how God is equipping His people for the work God has given them.

We are walking alongside local churches in Nicaragua – supporting growth of effective and godly local leaders as they lead their people into greater surrender to Christ. Our customized “Communities for Christ” program is long-term, relationship-based, and local-church-led. It is designed to avoid creating dependency, and works to empower and equip people in sustainable ways to glorify God as they accomplish their God-given goals.  For pastors and other leaders who have little access to training and resources, the desire to learn and grow is strong. Since 2015, we at Enruta have been passionate about walking alongside these leaders as we grow together. The program includes basic theological training, evangelism/discipleship training, mentoring for community economic development, and more.

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GCF # 775

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>Brian Bute

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Brian Bute
Eveleen Bute
Josué Mendieta



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