Evangelical Church of Liberia (ECOL)

Providing salary subsidy for Teachers, supplies for the Medical Team and salary for a Pastor:

ECOL began as an amalgamation of churches that SIM missionaries had planted. Today, in addition to having 112 churches they have nine Christian schools with 74 teachers and about 950 students.

Salary Subsidy: Until the summer of 2018, many of the school teachers were earning as little as $20 US per month with zero income for July & August. The salary subsidy program has helped, but more is needed. The above photo shows students from one of the schools where the teachers have been subsidized with GCF funds to bring their month income up to $35 US.

Medical Team: This fund provides medication and supplies for ECOL’s medical team that goes to very remote areas where the people have essentially no access to medical care.

Discipleship, Sierra Leone: This fund provides salaries and transportation for pastors and building materials & supplies for churches in a remote area near the Sierra Leone / Liberia border

A&E Kamoyo, Tanzania: This fund supports a pastor couple, Andrew & Eunice Kamoyo, who are improving the quality of life for Zigua people in Tanzania through Bible teaching and assistance with school administration

Program Countries:

Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania

GCF # 622

Team Lead:

Paul Miller

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