Our Mission: To serve the Seniors of the Red River Valley by offering an abundance of friendship, love, counsel, inspiration, connection, encouragement and pastoral care.

This will be accomplished through a clear vision:

1) Monthly Programming: Provide encouragement and support through monthly programs at Seniors Centres, including singing, visitation, and devotionals.

2) Partnership with Families and Ministries: Come alongside churches in our area to help with regular visitations.  Give families peace of mind, knowing that there is consistent and compassionate pastoral care in their loved one’s life.

3) Individual Pastoral Care: Be available for clients on a monthly basis.  Appointments can be set up by clients or their families through e-mail, texting, or phone calls.

4) End Of Life Care and Funeral Services: Guide families through times of grief, helping to plan and perform the service of funerals and/or memorial services.

Program Countries:

Canada – Manitoba

GCF # 702

Team Lead:

Joan van der Linde

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