The ‘For The Child Foster Care Programme’ seeks to provide quality care for children in difficult circumstances and in need of family and counselling support.  The program is modeled off a Canadian foster care model  and is based on an attachment focused  philosophy of care and treatment as opposed to one that is consequence driven. It is the first of its kind in Jamaica and will take on 15 foster families each year for the first 5 years, which will be the pilot and learning years.

The ‘For The Child Foster Care Programme’ is being implemented in partnership with:

  1. The Child Protection and Family services Agency (CPFSA) in Jamaica;
  2. Nairn Family Homes in Canada; and
  3. Family Life Ministries, Jamaica.

This partnership is Informed, Secure and Sustainable.

Program Countries:


GCF # 798

Team Lead:

Barrington Davidson – CEO Family Life Ministries

Team Members:

Debbie Clue – Director – For The Child Foster Care Programme

Halcyon Reid – Senior Social Worker – For The Child Foster Care Programme


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