Why Freedom House? Freedom is something we should all experience. Freedom from abuse. Freedom from discrimination. Freedom from fear. Freedom to feel love and to give love. We have big dreams for Freedom House. We want everyone to feel the freedom and healing that comes with knowing and experiencing the love and freedom that Jesus gives. We have a dream that the God of the Universe would bring along many partners and Freedom House would have opportunities to open places all over the world where young and old can know freedom and healing and love. When we experience freedom, the heaviness of life changes, and the world around us seems a little more bright and hopeful.

Our first project is One Heart Taiwan. This is a place of refuge and a movement, to change the lives of the Taiwan’s most vulnerable babies through advocacy, education, and physical care. The job ahead to see this change requires passion and knowledge of many things: orphan care, adoption, trauma, attachment/growth and development; as well as leadership skills and basic administrative know how. As previously stated, the first project of International Freedom House is called One Heart Taiwan. One Heart will open an orphanage as a safe refuge and loving home for Taiwan’s most vulnerable children, including (but not limited to) babies who have been abused, neglected, or born with a medical condition. We are excited to see the freedom One Heart Taiwan brings!

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Holly Hoste

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Kala Wock


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