“Therefore, I make it my ambition to lay foundations for the gospel where there are none.”

– The Apostle Paul, Romans 15:20

When Paul wrote the Romans and described the call and conclusions driving his ambitions and informing his life-orienting decisions, he was decades into the assignment given to him on that fateful day heading to Damascus. By then, he’d been to much of the region, met and mentored countless communities, and changed the status of untold households from “unreached” and “unengaged” to “reached,” “engaged,” and “discipled.” We aim to follow his example among the nations.

Since launching in 2011, FAI teams have been laying foundations in strategic regions throughout the 10/40 Window. Like Hudson Taylor’s China Inland Mission, our teams are laboring together in a concentrated and coordinated advance into the “interior” regions of our generation where today there is still no witness.

FAI is committed to lay foundations for the Gospel where there are none, exalting Jesus among the unreached and unengaged at the end of the age.

Program Countries:

Israel, Iraq (Kurdistan), Syria, Cyprus     

GCF # 1028

Team Lead:

Dalton and Anna Thomas


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