Christ for the Nations, Colombia is a leadership school for Spanish speaking young adults.  The young Latino leaders are equipped and inspired to invest their lives to serve the kingdom of God in full-time ministry or in their profession.   The school has several projects such as working with the local church, outreaches to the people who live on the street, and on-going missions to the Amazons, the Guajira, Venezuela and other locations.  Emphasis is on social work as well as evangelism.

Graduates are serving in about 25 countries spanning across four continents.  The young, passionate Latinos are able to minister to needs in nations that North Americans don’t have access to.

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GCF #738

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Jerry Manderfield

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Barbara Manderfield, Cara Manderfield, Irma Ospina, Paola Santo, Hector Sandoval, Sandra Castaño

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