When you join the Great Commission Foundation as an Agent, you can be assured that we will keep apprised of Canada Revenue Agency guidelines because it is important for us to give great oversight to our Agents. This means you do not have to worry about losing charitable status with the Canadian Government, and your supporters can donate with confidence.

Canadian Donors and Official Receipts:
Providing an official tax receipt recognized by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires an organization to be registered with the CRA to do charitable work, and remain in good standing with CRA. It is vital to keep apprised of changes in the CRA requirements for registered Foundations and Charities. We retain the services of charitable finance and legal specialists who are leaders in the nonprofit sector. We maintain meticulous records in order to remain compliant with CRA requirements. Our commitment is to honor the ministry you are doing and provide the highest standards of service to supporters.

Canadian Charitable Status:
Many ministries find that applying for charitable status in Canada is very expensive, and time consuming. It can take up to two years to complete the registration process. Even after the effort and expense, almost 80% are not granted charitable status! With GCF, you save time and resources that you can dedicate to your ministry success.

Government Compliance:
For those who have been granted charitable status in Canada, it is vital to remain compliant with charity requirements. The Canadian Government monitors and actively investigates the activities of registered charities in Canada. This means compliance with Canada Revenue Agency is imperative, as working outside of their guidelines can result in losing charitable status.

Compliance Assistance:
It is challenging to remain compliant in Canada so we provide you with a Representative who will help make the fulfillment of compliance requirements as easy as possible providing guidance all along the way.