Gys and his family with their Togetherness Ministry message are working with Ergon Ministry. Ergon starts different Satellites, a satellite then channel the different resources from around the globe threw the satellite according to the regions need/challenges. The together ministry,  co-ordinates  the  satellite in the West Rand of Gauteng in South Africa.

Satellite work expanse threw the direct and indirect evangelism strategy. Direct means open air  preaching, crusade, and Church planting tents. In the field, training and equipping of disciples to become diploid not employed Christ followers. Siloam in Borwa is a Church like this.

Indirect means followers of Christ serve their local community need threw projects like Genadehuis, Maspagamini, ABC, Ubuntu, Sisonke, DEF, Blyvoor Hoop and the Trauma Center.

Program Countries:

South Africa

GCF # 785

Team Lead:

Gys Els

Team Members:

Louise Els


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