Orphaned children are among the most vulnerable in the world. Without a family to turn to, many children have uncertain futures and no true sense of identity and belonging. The current COVID-19 crisis has escalated the need for supplies in our communities in Kenya, Guatemala, and Honduras. Ensuring staff and children living in our Micro Communities have access to proper supplies, food, and medical services, if necessary. Your donation will help provide safety and security to many children who are finally finding their place within a family, and their place in the world. We need your help. We all must come together to support those who need it most.

Urgent Needs

Our team focuses on holistic care, ensuring all our kids’ emotional and spiritual needs are met. Through our family-based approach, we aim to break the generational cycle of poverty and it takes a village to support each child. Your donations will immediately go towards day-to-day operations in our Micro Communities.  With our communities on lock down, it is much more challenging to access the necessary supplies to help educate, support, and empower the children.

Considering the immediate needs, we are working quickly to provide food, toiletries, agricultural supplies, and medical care.  We are grateful for the support our communities receive in the fight against COVID-19. The public health officials in Kenya checked in on one of the communities to donate materials needed to wash their hands like soap and water containers, and educational content on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  This is exactly what we need help with in all our communities.

Thank You For Your Prayers & Support

We are constantly hearing stories of the selfless love that is shared in our communities.  With nations locked down, and travel halted, we are reliant on the amazing teams we have working all over the world.  COVID-19 is a family crisis. It is not just reaching nations all over the world it is touching those we love the most. Let’s challenge each other to find the light within ourselves and help others find their light.  Our entire Horizon team is grateful for any support you can provide, every dollar counts, and it all goes towards the children.  Wishing health and wellness to you all – Horizon.

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