Jana has the privilege of working with Woven International, an organization devoted to breaking the cycle of human trafficking in Southeast Asia. As Director of Global Relations, Jana provides people with opportunities to give of themselves, their time and their gifts to fight injustice and to spread light in dark places. Jana’s passion is to connect people with their God-given destiny and to foster a community that journeys together in pursuit of living fulfilled lives fully surrendered to our Father.

Woven International provides care, safe housing and safe work opportunities for girls in Southeast Asia who have been impacted by trauma, abuse and exploitation. We work to transform stories of hopelessness and desperation into hope and redemption. We seek to make an impact in Canada by providing opportunities for everyone who wants to use their gifts, talents, expertise and resource to help challenge the unfortunate impacts of human trafficking.
We hope to challenge the typical methods of involvement by inviting people to start where they are, provide what they can and do what they are able. Woven exists to engage people in a practical way, locally and globally, to achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of human trafficking. We want to inspire, educate and create the new norm for what it means to be part of the solution.

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