ABOUT US: The Indradevi Consulting Group (ICG) is named after Queen Indradevi, the second wife of King Jayavarman VII , of the Khmer (Cambodian) empire of Angkor. She was recognized as one of the most prominent women in Cambodian history during the 12th century because of her passion, devotion and commitment to see women empowered, educated and influencing Khmer society.

OUR COMPANY is founded on the principal of Shared Value which seeks to create social impact through innovative market based training solutions that generate economic benefits for businesses while simultaneously advancing the economic empowerment of women and girls to reduce their vulnerability and enhance their economic and social outcomes.

OUR VISION: We believe that every human being is created with unique qualities to make a difference in this world. We seek to create a more gender inclusive and equitable world where women and girls are empowered, because we believe that fulfillment is a right for everyone.

OUR MISSION: As a training development company, we create gender inclusive market base training solutions in collaboration with government agencies, the private sector and civil society groups by addressing both the gender and skills gap faced by women and girls in order to enhance their access to education, training and employment opportunities. We do this through an integrative and holistic training framework that is contextualized, continuous learning and value based to expand their voice, their choice and their influence in their communities.

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