Migrant Ministry in Medicine Hat began over 16 years ago when Pablo Reyes and his wife Patricia became aware of the large number of seasonal agricultural migrant workers from Mexico and Guatemala that were coming here each year. Pablo and Patricia, immigrants from Chile, began by helping to transport the migrant workers on Sunday mornings  from the farms into the City to do their weekly grocery shopping. They then invited them to an evening program where they would share the gospel, pray with them and then provide a delicious meal for all to share. More volunteers arrived to help and more migrant workers came to our area. Soon volunteers were providing English classes, doing haircuts, helping with computer and cell phones, helping with tax form filings and many other services to bless our migrant worker friends. If you have ever found yourself in a strange country where you do not speak the language you will understand how greatly our Spanish speaking migrant friends appreciate this ministry. Over the years hundreds have made the decision to accept Christ after attending Migrant Ministry programs. Each week we spend time praying for their individual needs. When you are far from your family and there is a problem back home, with sickness, crime, or tragedy it is a blessing to be able to join with believers in prayer. God has answered these prayers miraculously many times. Many of our migrant worker friends are active musicians in their home churches and while they are here they join with our volunteers to bring a wonderful Latin flavour to the worship music.  If you are in Medicine Hat from April until the end of October, you are most welcome, please join us on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm. We meet at the Dream Center just off the #1 Highway just west of the river.

From humble beginnings with one van, we are now transporting three to four bus loads of migrant workers each Sunday in the peak harvest time June to October. Migrant Ministry Medicine Hat has possession of two buses. We need funds to cover the cost of insurance, fuel, maintenance etc. for the buses. Each Sunday evening we provide a meal for all our migrant friends after the service and this also has a cost although we have been blessed with generous donations to this need. Your support will help us show the love of Christ to these amazing men and women who sacrifice long separations from family and long hours and back breaking labour to bless their families and try to build a future for them. Jesus said in Matthew 25:35 … “I was a stranger and you welcomed me in.” That is our mission.

Program Countries:

Canada, Central America, South America

GCF # 761

Team Lead:

John Patterson

Team Members:

Pablo Reyes
Darcy McIntyre
Keith Ritz



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