Narrow Road Home is a Faith-based Recovery Centre and Rehab Home for Women, based in High River, Alberta. The Great Commission Foundation has been given the opportunity to manage the benevolent side of this ministry, handling the donations given by individuals who want to ensure that women who cannot afford this service are able to receive the necessary support needed. What a privilege to hear how God is using the team at Narrow Road Home to bring transformation to lives in need of love.

This week Executive Director Kim and Coordinator Sherri shared with the GCF team about how they’ve seen God working in the lives of those who have spent time in their Centre. Following the terrible floods in 2013, the community of High River had a very difficult road to recovery and many lives were put into turmoil. Walking alongside the community through that hardship and providing rehabilitation has opened their eyes to the reality that they’ve not been asked just to touch these lives in a short-term capacity, but that the relationships they are building are lifelong.

As the team at Narrow Road Home has been given an opportunity to lend a hand up to someone in need, it’s provided ways for family members to get involved, not only in the healing and restoration process, but also in serving others in need. Bringing the family into the treatment program has opened doors to deeper healing and even mothers and daughters in treatment together.

Narrow Road Home is on mission and lives are being touched. New opportunities here in Canada as well as Belize are projects that we were able to pray about together. While rehabilitation and recovery are needed in so many lives both here and abroad, the team at Narrow Road Home knows clearly that true transformation is limited without Christ as the cornerstone of that healing.

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