COVID-19 Crisis Response

As an organization, we acknowledge that the real value of what we have to offer is in the message we communicate. That is why our means of communication may change depending on the audience or context, but our message of hope through Jesus Christ will always remain the same.

On October 17th, large scale street demonstrations began in Lebanon. Roads, banks, and schools were closed. The situation has been very uncertain, both politically and economically. As a result, we chose to focus our efforts on our digital work. Now, along with the rest of the world, Lebanon is dealing with COVID19. Our Made Clean ministry in refugee camps, Theater productions, summer camps, and multicultural internship have been put on hold. Our whole team is now working from home but we are thankful for the online work we have which makes such a venture possible.

Urgent Needs

In this time where so many people are confined to their houses, we have an unprecedented opportunity to share the word of God with a captive online audience.

Our digital responders have been talking to people online for quite a while and recently have seen more of them come to faith from places where going to church would be difficult. With the increase in numbers, we have discovered that there is a need to provide more discipleship to them. Our digital team formed Facebook groups for these individuals who now know Jesus and want to grow more. These groups provide places for people to talk, ask questions, and receive teaching. This month we also ran five live meetings over zoom and fifteen people and some of their families have attended over that time!

As our main focus is on the emerging generation, we decided that we wanted to resource Arabic speaking churches around us with an Online Sunday School program. We have been producing free weekly episodes, which have an animated bible story, songs, crafts, and much more. We are thankful to be part of the worldwide effort of being the church a little differently in this interesting time.

Thank You For Your Prayers & Support

While many of our plans have been dramatically changing since November 2019, we know that the one whom we serve is the same, and He is still calling people to Himself in innovative ways. We thank you for sharing with us, in the privilege of partnering with this faithful, unchanging God.

We ask you to pray and help improve digital outreach at this time of crisis.

  • Join us in praying for Lebanon; for the medical professionals here, and for those who are ill, grieving, or struggling to live in this crisis.
  • Praise God for the many seekers that we are talking to online. Pray that increasingly more people would come across our Facebook pages and adverts at this time, and that we would have the wisdom, compassion and words of truth to respond to them.
  • Please pray for wisdom for us in the midst of this uncertainty to know the best way forward with our scheduled programs for 2020.

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