Nigeria Project is Empowering the Persecuted Church in Northern Nigeria. Many Christians have suffered persecution and have been displaced as a result of the atrocities committed by Islamic Militants in Nigeria. The Nigeria Project is assisting displaced people, youth, and local missionaries through practical, emotional and spiritual support. Another focus is on providing access to Christian education. We pray God will provide and guide, we trust He will prompt many to share in meeting the needs of the Persecuted Church in Nigeria.

Support the Persecuted Church by Feeding A Family.
Consider donating an amount from the list below that will provide resources to families being persecuted in Nigeria.
To make a donation that will feed a family or families, simply use the “Other” option for your donation amount. Below are some suggested amounts and the impact these donations will have on a persecuted family.

$99.63 – Food For A Month (See breakdown of food costs below)
$24.90 – Food For A Week
$3.40 – Food For A Day

$4981.50 – Food For 50 Families For A Month

Food For A Month Breakdown:
Corn 20kg – $8.50
Rice 20kg – $28.25
Dry Fish 2kg – $26.02
Beans 20kg – $26.02
Maggi Spice 2 pks – $3.34
Logistics – $7.50
Total = $99.63

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Yusuf Mohammed


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