Our Biblical Counselling Course has 10 sessions (one Saturday each month) to train pastors, counsellors, and anyone who is interested.

This course is awarded credits by the South African Theological Seminary. Graduation is in November.

We have two centers – Johannesburg and Pretoria. In each area people from several churches attend. We have been doing this for 10 years and the attendance has been increasing. There is no fee to attend this course. Some of the topics are:

  • Dealing with your past
  • Accountability
  • Boundaries for purity and safety
  • Biblical roles of men and women
  • Generosity giving
  • Sanctity of life and abortion
  • Internet Pornography
  • Marriage, divorce and re-marriage

Magongo Orphan Movement

Promoting the model of husband and wife nurturing children

Our vision is to connect 5,000 orphans to Christian parents. Our focus is to provide financial resources to parents in the poorest countries of Africa.

Our current focus is training and discipling couples in theology, marriage and parenting, while preparing couples to spread the word regarding orphans and adoption.

There are 7 couples on the leadership team. Each couple is becoming familiar with the adoption processes in their province (South Africa has 9 provinces and our leaders come from 4). Discussion on the way forward – all were unanimous – grounding in the Word. All these couples are still or have been in churches where there is minimal teaching. We continue to urge them to get into teaching churches.

We cannot suggest they adopt before they understand biblical nurture and discipline of children.

We continue to meet on long weekends for training and fellowship. We see these couples as trail blazers who will influence their churches, couples groups and fellow believers.

When we host these weekends we provide lodging, food and transportation for those who need financial assistance.

Program Countries:

South Africa

GCF # 488

Team Lead:

Charles Mahlangu

Team Members:

Delores Mahlangu



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