Overcomer Truckers Chapel (OTC) was founded in 2019 for the purpose of evangelizing, encouraging, and sharing the good news of the Gospel with thousands of truckers who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. For our believing brothers and sisters, OTC will give the much needed fellowship and spiritual nourishment they need while on the road.

I was a Christian trucker 30+ years and I know firsthand how difficult it is being away from family for weeks or sometimes months at a time. OTC is dedicated to help the non-believing truckers find a personal relationship with Jesus and show them there is more to life than driving a truck. That there is hope for the future, the hope of eternal life through Jesus. Would you partner with me giving the truckers hope?

Program Countries:


GCF # 756

Team Lead:

Michael Sears

Team Members:

Chaplain Mike Sears
Tim DeWaal
Rick Klippenstein
Levi Fehr



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