Our accounting team is committed to helping ministry thrive. They can determine and oversee the best way for our Agents to receive support:

Payroll is available to Canadian citizens (Valid Social Insurance Number Required) working out of an eligible location as defined by CRA. The minimum income designated to an individual for payroll must be $20,000 annually. There is a six-month waiting period to ensure funds are in place for payroll and there must be sufficient funds to cover three months of payroll. These measures are in place to avoid payroll shortfall. Our accounting department will deduct the associated federal and provincial taxes and fees and issue an annual T4 to use for your tax return.

Contract Payments:
Contract Payments are a great solution if you do not meet payroll requirements. When you select to be on contract, no deductions are taken from your wages. Agents on contract will claim the contract payments as income on their annual tax return and pay taxes as required by Canada Revenue Agency. As an independent contractor you may be eligible for tax deductions or tax benefits not available to payroll employees. Our accounting department will track the contract payments and issue an annual T4A to use for your tax return.

Benefits, including extended health and dental care, are available to Canadian citizens who qualify for payroll with GCF. Canadian expats working internationally also qualify for benefits.