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God’s ark of salvation ministries was founded by Rev. Kwagala John Patrick in 2015 after realizing missing gaps in the lives of the church members as well as the community at large.  Some of the challenges that are faced within the community are poor shelter and hygiene, as many live in houses without doors and pit latrines, poor education, as many families can’t afford school, supplying the basic necessities of life to orphans and the destitute, food shortages, and malnutrition in communities. Our goal is to unite churches so that we can work together to find an effective solution to these challenges, helping those in need, such as the older generation, single mothers, orphans, and many more.

The purpose of this ministry is to preach the gospel, develop national churches into local, self-supported assemblies, establish and operate schools with the purpose of providing general education to the public at large, encourage educational work, acquire and own lands for agriculture and other projects, and look after orphans, the older generations, the disabled and the destitute.

Lack of Financial Support

One of the main challenges that we face as a ministry is a lack of financial support. We cannot afford to pay school fees for orphans, pay for food to feed them, or provide other basic needs. A lack of financial support also limits our desire to help communities meet their sanitation needs through the construction of pit latrines, creating water sources, and houses that have doors and windows.

Church planting and facilitation challenges

We have a zeal for planting and facilitating as many churches as we can in different areas of Uganda. However, the environment and climate cause additional financial constraint and limits our effective operation. Other challenges include language differences (most people can’t speak English), poor mobilization, and many others.

The ministry rents land so that we can cultivate crops which acts as a food source to the orphans and vulnerable families. This helps us reduce the costs of buying food. However, we need to buy our own land to start planting crops such as bananas, fruits, and maize. In addition, animal keeping, as well as growing long-term crops on the land, is only permitted if you own the land. We also have a goal to adopt better farming practices like irrigation and agricultural mechanization to avoid weather uncertainties and increase productivity.

We are planning to build a school and vocational training centers so that we can educate and equip people with knowledge and skills.

We seek your help to meet the above needs. There are many orphans, destitute or vulnerable individuals, and many more people in dire need who need both financial (school fees) and emotional assistance. We also need help buying land for agricultural needs, church construction, building schools, building water sources, and more.

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Program Countries: Uganda

Focuses: Children's Ministry, Church, Community Development, Education, Evangelism, Health Care, Social Welfare, Poverty Relief, Orphan Care, Youth Ministry, Women's Ministry

Team Lead: Kwagala John Patrick

Email: jkwagalaark@gmail.com

Phone: +256 774455869; +256 753058197

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