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Moriel Ministries exists for the purpose of spreading the gospel of the peace of Jesus Christ, teaching sound doctrine and demonstrating the love of Christ. While meeting the spiritual needs of people is the most vital part of our ministry, we also work to meet the physical needs of those we serve. We have orphanages, computer training, and feeding programs in multiple countries and do in-reach into prisons in places like Thailand.

Our focus is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with all people. Explaining that everyone is separated from God because of sin but Jesus died for all so that we might have peace with God. We want as many as possible to know about His great sacrifice and gift. We want to see people humble themselves repent of their sins and receive the love of God. No one can earn this gift; we are saved by grace through faith in the finished work on the cross by Jesus Christ.

To fulfill the Great Commission, we have produced a vast library of teachings and bible studies that we provide on multiple platforms. Additionally, we understand the importance of believers frequently connecting with elders, pastors, and fellow believers, for teaching, encouragement, and fellowship. In order to promote the spiritual and relational growth of believers, we do a lot of travel to provide in-person teaching, encourage fellowship, and connect believers together. We have evangelists in multiple countries such as the US, Israel, Thailand, and the Philippines.

One of the greatest challenges affecting the ministry is meeting the needs of a scattered flock among the nations; we are facing an increasing level of deception and apostasy from sound doctrine, and the challenge of loving people who embrace a world where sin is abounding.

One of Moriel’s founders Jacob Prasch has written numerous books to help equip believers to understand the bible and withstand apostasy. Some of our book titles include, “Grain for the Famine”, “More Grain for the Famine”, “Shadows of the Beast”, “The Final Words of Jesus, and Satan’s Lies Today”, and “No Balm in Gilead”. However, we do not neglect the practical needs of the body either. We have orphanages, computer training, and feeding programs in multiple countries and do in-reach into prisons in places like Thailand.

Why give to this project?

You can help equip yourself and others to fulfill the serious calling that is upon the followers of Christ Jesus. We encourage you to use the resources provided online and share them with others. These resources are a labour of love poured into this ministry for Jesus and for you. We live to serve the LORD and follow Jesus.

We invite you to partner with us through prayer and/or a financial gift and we thank you for your support. We trust God to bring people alongside to help this ministry thrive.

If you have questions, please reach out to us. May the LORD bless you and bring you into His salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord. Additional Links:




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Program Countries: USA

Focuses: Evangelism

Website: https://Moriel.org

Team Lead: Mea Fredrickson

Email: Morielmea@yahoo.com

Phone: 412-321-6154

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