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“PiFò” is a Haitian Créole word meaning, “stronger”. Since 2011 we have been working alongside a team of Haitians on the island of La Gonâve to empower future generations through education and development programs. Our goal is to support local initiatives and the economy through in-country purchasing and Haitian-led projects.

Haiti became the first black-led republic in 1804 by revolting against the colonial rulers. They became the first country to completely ban slavery. There is a long history of political instability, and a lack of social programming, not to mention the devastating economic effects of the 2010 earthquake and the continued interference of foreign governments. Through all these challenges we continue to be humbled by the strength of Haiti and the amazing people we work with.

PiFò Haiti works on an island 25 km off mainland Haiti. The island often becomes “cut off” from the suppliers and goods come at a high premium when there is conflict or violence on the mainland. Currently over 95 gangs control the areas where supplies are purchased by the merchants on the island making food unaffordable for many.

Why give to this project?

PiFò Haiti has been working with a local agriculture project which will provide much-needed food and education to young people who can bring their knowledge home and start their own gardens. Education is the key to development and our staff understand how important their mentorship and teaching is to the future of the community and country of Haiti. Our goal is to support local teacher training, school food programs, and financial support.

We want to ensure our staff and teachers receive fair compensation for the work they do, and we also want to subsidize fees for families who are unable to afford to pay the tuition. To provide some context, the average school tuition charges over $150 US per year for a student to attend elementary school (not including uniforms and books). The average Haitian makes less than $3 US per day. It is a struggle for many families.

Our supporters have a unique opportunity to come alongside our Haitian partners as we provide quality Christian education to over 500 students in 4 schools. You can be part of supporting the local economy in Haiti by contributing to a much-needed school expansion, providing a hot meal to a student, or supporting a teacher so they can attend teachers’ college.

Be part of the PiFò Haiti team as we invest in the future of the students and the beautiful community of La Gonâve.

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Program Countries: Haiti

Focuses: Education, Poverty Relief

Website: https://www.pifohaiti.org/

Team Lead: Wendy Thiessen

Team Members: https://www.pifohaiti.org/about

Email: admin@pifohaiti.org

Phone: (905)-467-3319

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