This week the GCF team was able to spend time with Dave and Janna McPhee of Restoration Gateway, a disciple-making ministry in Uganda. Among the many things Dave and Janna do, ministering to the local churches in Uganda plays a significant role.

Dave shared of a recent time when God’s provision over their ministry was very evident. Sometimes they will travel with a large group to different villages and meet and worship with other churches. On one such occasion, they met with a church of 400 people and what they experienced was a blending of biblical doctrine, witchcraft, and animistic tradition that resulted in a very unhealthy situation and failed to make clear God’s sacrificial grace, love, and desire to bless His people.

Thankfully, Dave was able to share with the church and bring the truth of the Gospel to the people of that church community. Of course, when you are in the position of following another speaker whose message is quite different, it is difficult to know how your words will be received. God not only provided an opportunity for Dave to share, but God also provided support in the form of a Northern Ugandan Elder who spoke up and affirmed Dave’s words.

Join us as we pray for the work being done in the church in Uganda. The Light of Christ shines into the darkest places through organizations like Restoration Gateway. As it is with each of us, discipleship is necessary to guide us in our learning and understanding of God’s Word and how we apply it to our families, our communities and our world.

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