Roots and Wings


Roots and Wings International Ministries is a GCF project based in Mexico that provides support for families in need. They provide support in three key ways:

  • Offering parents and care-givers affordable childcare while they work to provide for their families.
  • Empowering families by helping each parent or caregiver develop the skills and resources they need to better care for their children and keep their families together.
  • Sharing the Gospel with the surrounding community.

Roots and Wings has 48 children they are currently serving at the Centre but their influence stretches beyond those kids. Our staff was able to hear them share today, and while they could go on and on about ways that Christ is impacting the families in their community, one story that stood out was of an 8 year old boy who came to Roots and Wings with many challenges. He is a sweet boy with many behavioural problems that stretched the staff to their limits.

Committed to reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, the staff would patiently correct and redirect this boy’s behaviour. At one point, the boy questioned how far he would have to go before they would kick him out of the Centre. They told him they wouldn’t… and they told him they loved him.

Given the task of drawing a picture for one of the teachers, the boy decided to draw an epic battle between Satan and God. What was interesting was that the boy’s depiction of Satan was very detailed and powerful, while his understanding of God was of a small, old man. In this boy’s life, he was sure that Satan had control and that he was bad because Satan made him bad. Over time the staff has been able to teach the boy about God’s character and his strength, and that God’s love doesn’t come from anything that you can earn and isn’t something you can lose.

Today the boy is excited about God and can’t understand why others aren’t as excited. He wants everyone to hear about God’s love, especially the other kids at his school. He and his mom, a single, working student, have witnessed God’s provision through the attention and love that Roots and Wings have given them. They know the importance and reality of God’s provision and love in their lives.

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