Cross-cultural workers face some incredibly difficult hurdles in their ministry deployments overseas. They have to deal with identity issues, language and cultural issues, security issues, fear/anxiety issues, family separation issues, and even faith issues.

In this webinar, Chad interviews Elizabeth and Jonathan Trotter who are serving in Cambodia. The Trotters offer advice to those who are contemplating, or wanting to thrive in, a ministry assignment in another country. They highlight some of the topics raised in their newly published book, “Serving Well”.

Jonathan and Elizabeth are also involved in managing the website “A Life Overseas” — which “provides a place of online connection for Christ-following missionaries and humanitarian aid workers living in foreign countries.

They can be reached at: and,

Note: GCF has been advised that Christian ministry organizations can purchase “Serving Well” at a 40% discount if they purchase 5 or more copies. To get the bulk discount, email the publisher at:

This was the 14th webinar of the Great Commission Foundation’s “Serving Together Series — Perspectives to Help Ministry Thrive