Jim Noble heard God’s call on his life to get involved in missions. As a member on his church denomination’s mission board, he was made aware of the devastation and debilitating impact of war and natural disasters in a number of developing nations. There were many needs and desperate situations around the world, one of which was an earthquake in El Salvador in 2001 that killed more than 900 people and destroyed over 100,000 homes. God led Jim to focus on El Salvador to share the love of Jesus and provide safety and security to the poorest of the poor. This is how Shelter Canada had it’s beginnings. It started with Jim gathering a group of 10 guys to go down to El Salvador for a week and they worked very, very hard to build three homes on that trip. The reason they chose to focus on providing homes was that around a quarter of a million families were without homes in El Salvador at that time. The homes are very simple, about 400 square feet, made of galvanized steel with two small bedrooms, a sitting area and a covered porch out front. These homes allow families to lock doors and windows, providing both shelter from the elements and protection from bandits who would otherwise have easy access to an unsuspecting family and it’s children. Shelter has grown into a non-profit that sends 30-40 teams down to El Salvador annually. They also have helped a local man to build a business that prefabricates the homes Shelter builds, as well, they use locals in the communities to interview families to determine who needs a Shelter home the most. Shelter built house number 3000 in January 2019. Check out this link to an interview with Jim on CBC News Calgary (The interview with Jim about Shelter runs from minutes 11:09 – 16:29): https://www.cbc.ca/player/news/Canada/Calgary

To learn more about Shelter Canada or to get involved, please visit their website: https://www.sheltercanada.ca/

GCF has over 340 Projects involved in ministry around the world… it is a team effort with GCF providing the administrative framework and support to the ministry’s team while they engage in outreach activities and provide on-site personnel. We work towards a common goal: the relief of poverty, the provision of education and the advancement of the Christian faith.