K.R. Davidson

President and CEO
K.R. is married, has two children and notes himself as a fervent follower of Christ. K.R. has a passion for missions and is delighted to serve both missions and ministries in his current role.

K.R. earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from Queen’s University and a Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University and York University (Kellogg-Schulich). His first careers were in Niagara as a police officer and as a business owner. He subsequently entered the legal profession and commenced his legal career in Toronto with a national firm and later served as an Assistant Crown Attorney in the Downtown Toronto Office.

After returning to Niagara, K.R. served in a senior management role and as General Counsel at a mid-sized company. After this, K.R. served as the Lead Pastor at The Christian Centre in St. Catharines for several years and also managed a litigation practice. He also served as host of the national television show, Canadian Justice and as a contributing columnist with the Metroland Media Group - Niagara Dailies.

K.R. is actively involved in supporting the Christian Legal Fellowship’s Student Ministries.

Stuart Rempel

Founder and Chairman of the Board
Stuart has a bachelor's degree in business administration and economics. After spending 10 years with a family manufacturing business in Saskatchewan, he worked in fund development for a major Christian charity. There, he gained invaluable experience with the administrative and accounting needs of missions.

In 2002, he launched the Great Commission Foundation, initially to provide estate planning for Christians. However, individuals started approaching Stuart with an entirely different need. They were operating charitable projects and ministries but were unable to receive donors. Stuart responded to this need through GCF, as the mandate and working relationships with potential missions came into focus. He saw the Great Commission Foundation grow substantially over the next 15 years, and he continued to develop GCF to provide individuals and organizations a place where they get the Administrative and Government Compliance expertise needed to thrive in ministry.

In 2017, Stuart stepped out of the role of GCF President, passing the mantle of leadership to Chad Bruneski, who had served as Executive Vice President at GCF for two years. Stuart remains actively involved with the Great Commission Foundation as Chairman of the Board, Senior Advisor, and partner in Growth and Development.

David Anderson

Board Trustee
David Anderson is a farmer and businessman from Frontier, Saskatchewan. He is married to Sheila and the father of two grown children and four grandchildren. David and Sheila are active in their local community and in their church, serving as Youth Group leaders, speaking, teaching, and leading Bible studies.

David served for almost 20 years as the federal Member of Parliament for Cypress Hills – Grasslands in Saskatchewan. The last 10 years of his political career were focused on issues of Human Rights, particularly the right of people to believe as they choose and to live out those beliefs in freedom. Since stepping down as MP in 2019, he has continued to advocate for Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Belief in Canada and around the globe.

Norm Schulz

Board Trustee
Norm has enjoyed a wide range of experience in business and ministry. His innovative approach brings together diverse corporate, business, nonprofit, and ministry leaders to utilize their resources, influence, and expertise in collaborative projects that share a common purpose and make a global impact.

His broad international experience includes working with business and government leaders in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East on strategies ranging from movie production to corporate compassionate initiatives and national church-planting strategies. He is actively engaged in the development and distribution of inspirational movies such as The Life of Jesus, a scripturally accurate movie portraying the Gospel of John that has recently launched the North American office of Jesus.net, a global online ministry in 85 countries and 34 languages.

Norm also provides executive and board leadership to multiple entities. He is one of the founders and executive team members of the Integrated Business Roundtable (IBR), launched to advocate for the shared prosperity of Israelis and Palestinians through an integrated economy and faith-inspired impact investing in Judea and Samaria. His other board and leadership roles include JH Israel, an organization providing a biblical leadership curriculum to over 85,000 students in Israel, and the U.S. Israel Education Association, an organization that connects U.S. Congressional leaders with Israeli senior government, diplomatic, and military leaders, providing vital perspectives on the U.S./Israel relationship.

Norm and his wife live in Seattle, Washington. They have two children and two grandchildren. As a husband, father, and grandfather, he has a personal passion for communicating a Biblical understanding of family. Through his work, he plays an integral role in imparting vital Biblical truths that are transforming thousands of families worldwide every year.

Nestor Turczan

Board Trustee
Founder of the Turczan Investment Consulting Group, Inc., in Pasadena, CA USA., Nestor has a passion for the liquid financial markets with particular emphasis on stocks, bonds, and options. These are on his pallet and the portfolio is his canvas. He loves studying and helping startups, both for profit and nonprofit, and sits on several of their boards. His home with his New Zealand wife Linda is in California, and he is a patron of the arts for all 3 of his adult sons who are in various stages of their art careers.

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