We are an international Christian development charity working to bring opportunity and hope to orphaned and abandoned children on the African continent. We share God’s love in practical ways to make a better life a reality for all and focus on those whose situation is most desperate.

Our vision is to see God glorified by a world where Africa’s orphans can fulfill their potential.

Our mission is to demonstrate to the world that there is a personal God who hears and answers prayer by meeting the needs of orphaned and abandoned children across the African continent.

Our objectives focus on relieving the poverty of Africa’s orphans by: meeting their basic needs; helping them to access education; and giving them opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus.

Our values are accountability, stewardship and sustainability.

Our inspiration is the life and work of George Müller, who built and ran orphanages in 19th century Bristol and relied upon God to supply the needs for his ministry. We aim to market our charity as widely as possible to give people the opportunity to join us in our work with Africa’s orphaned and abandoned children but we do not pressure people into giving or make them feel guilty by playing on their emotions. We depend on God, through prayer, as a real alternative to fundraising techniques.

Program Countries:

Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Kenya.

GCF # 1001

Team Lead:

Catherine L. Evans, President
Shannon L. Tracey, Vice President

Team Members:

Janet S. Whited, Secretary
Etmonia R. Benjamin, Treasurer
Dottie W. Glading, Board Member



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