Leigh and Jana Fehr are working in the Detroit metro area.  The majority of their time is spent in Northwest Detroit transforming a community formerly abandoned by many.  The Grand 7 neighborhood has seen a great deal of decline since the housing market crash but Grand 7 Detroit is turning that around!  Since 2013, G7D has purchased over 30 properties in the area and transformed most of them in a big way.  They have remodeled homes, cleared empty lots, and demolished 3 dilapidated houses.  They are putting in a park in the neighborhood and bringing in responsible renters who are committed to seeing this are become a thriving, vibrant community.

Along side their work with G7D, Leigh and Jana work with the Japanese community in metro Detroit.  Every year, they help at multiple camps where they lead Japanese families (both Christian and non-Christian) in games and activities.  Their relationships with this group continues to grow and allows them to speak into their lives on a deeper level.

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Leigh & Jana Fehr

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