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Accelerated Potential Christian Academy (APCA) is a Christian discipleship school that ministers to families in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and the surrounding area, providing children with a Christ-centered, academically strong private education.

Our nation is in a crisis, and there is an attack on our children and their future right now. An individual’s sexual identity is now fluid in our public schools and can be changed at any given time. In public schools, a child can choose their own sexual orientation starting in kindergarten. Here in Medicine Hat, there are children transitioning their sexual identity as young as grade two, and it is not even being discussed in the classroom. Not only does this confuse children, but it also creates doubt about their own identity.

Parents are deeply concerned about the state of affairs in our public schools. They are outraged about the changing values and curriculum being taught that challenge and intentionally undermine Christian principles and Scripture. They worry about the effect this is having on the children. Rightly so.

But where can they go? Where is there a safe place that values and upholds the family unit, Christian values, truth about identity and God’s word, and devotes time to prayer, sharing, and teaching God’s word; a place that disciples our children to know and trust God in all circumstances that without a doubt they are loved and cherished.

We believe that the Lord is preparing our city for an exodus of children from the public school system. We are preparing a place where they can belong and thrive. For the past two years, APCA has been working with a small cohort of children where we offered the families a choice to mask or not, and we all remained very healthy. We met only three days a week, and yet our students exceeded their grade level curriculum and skills! We have now been approved by Alberta Education to run a private accredited Christian School. Christian values and the Christian worldview will permeate every fabric of what we teach. Imagine the impact this will have!

The potential is so exciting, and the opportunity is before us to make a profound impact for the Lord in the lives of children here in Medicine Hat. However, we have some very real obstacles to overcome to make this happen. In the first year, there is no funding, and in consecutive years we will receive 10% of what the public schools receive.

Strategic ways you could help

We have some significant start-up costs to get us operational.

  1. Our immediate need is $10,000 to get started. This will cover the legal fees and registration costs of establishing a private school.

  2. We will also need to raise $150,000 to cover the cost of 2 teachers and a teacher assistant for the school.

That’s the task that lies before us. It’s a big one from a human perspective but not from God’s. We pray that God would lead us to people who share a vision for establishing a vibrant private Christian school in our city.

Would you consider being one of these people who invest in this vital project either financially or through prayer?

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