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The Association of Christian Camps and Conference Centers (also called Christian Camping International Ukraine) exists to help build the church by being a support network that builds and maximizes the ministry of Christian camps and camp leaders. We facilitate prayer and networking activities, camp program development, staff sourcing and training, consulting, innovations, and legal support. Since 1996, we have served over 700 Christian camps in six countries within the former Soviet Union. We have had approximately 70,000 campers attend and 10,000 staff members annually. We are about enabling, building, and partnering in the ministry of local churches in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union through Christian youth camping programs.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2021. After 25 years, we can see more than just the results; we can see the impact of our ministry. Two recent research projects conducted here in Ukraine independently by One Hope International (2015) and by HODOS Institute for Leadership Research and Development in Eurasia (2019) suggest that Christian Camping has been recognized as the second most effective tool the church has had for the past 25 years for connecting with the young audiences and for leadership development among adolescents, the first most effective tool being church-based Bible study programs, like Sunday schools or youth Bible studies.

Stricken by war, Ukraine has suffered economic development for the past several years. Many people have left the country to seek employment in Europe and elsewhere. The same happened in Moldova, Georgia, and other countries we are engaged in. With these looming pressures, the turnover of staff and counselors is a significant issue. Most of the participants at our training events are counselors who are financially supported in attending by their churches, which means that churches value camping. They need well-trained leaders to work with their campers.

Why give to this project?

Our many camps work with the young hearts that are more ready than ever in their lifetime to receive and live the Gospel. In our countries, youth and churches are under attack by society’s pressures, and the teaching of truth is needed desperately. Camping is a unique way that addresses these issues today through the power of temporary community.

We have an over 25-year-long history of encouraging, growing, and enabling Christian Camping in Ukraine and five other former Soviet Union countries, but we are only scratching the surface. So much more is needed and possible. You can help us build and grow the ministry of Christian camping in six countries of the former Soviet Union. If we are to continue this, your support is crucial to our efforts.

Your donation will help us achieve our mission and bring the gospel of Christ to youth across our lands.

We thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go toward growing and building a sustainable Christian Camping ministry in six countries.

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Program Countries: Ukraine

Focuses: Camp Ministry, Church

Website: https://cciukraine.org/en/

Team Lead: Vladimir Shevchenko

Team Members: Daria Stepanchenko; Tetiana Levchuk; Oksana Mahdych; Pavlo Bakum

Email: office@cciukraine.orgwelcome@cciukraine.org

Phone: +38 067 122 15 15

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