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Equipping and encouraging indigenous pastors around the world. At Capturing Courage International Ministries, we are changing lives and nations one leader at a time.

At Capturing Courage
  1. On the Ground – Ministry of Presence, Fellowship, Teaching, Prophecy, and Healing Prayer.

  2. College of Capturing Courage – Teaching and Training in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  3. Houses of Prayer – Hosting the Lord and Each Other for the Deliverance of Nations.

    “I have learned how to touch the heart of God.”

1). On the Ground

We come to communities, churches, congregations, and alongside local pastors. We have had invites to more than twenty countries. Therefore, responding and being in each place takes some years from initial invitation to an on-the-ground visit. Once there, we teach, preach, pray healing (both inner and physical) and generally settle into fellowship alongside whomever we are with. We bring open-hearted rapport, deep encouragements, easy camaraderie, and a strengthening and equipping of the Body of Christ in villages, towns, cities, nations.

“And slowly, the news spread across the villagers and non-believers also started coming to our house to know more about the inheritance of God and how blessed are we to have Christ as our personal Saviour. With all these teachings that Sister taught us, we are strengthened in the local village and we feel all the joy when the teachings are breaking the curses that were ruling the families for long years. Praise God !”

2). College of Capturing Courage

At Capturing Courage International Ministries we are building the body of Christ, around the world, one leader at a time. College of Capturing Courage facilitates wholeheartedness for personal edification and leadership strength; the restoring of shalom from the inside out. We do this through fellowship and by teaching Kingdom of God principles and wisdoms. We are facilitating spiritual wholeness, heart healing, with personal and church renewal.

“The pastors thank you very much for this new course given to them free of charge and asked me to inform you that they like your work and they are proud to be given the opportunity to take part in Capturing Courage training.”

3). Houses of Prayer 

Houses of Prayer can be physical buildings or locations with a coming away to pray. At Capturing Courage we also understand that individuals, families, churches, can be houses of prayer. Just as you can be a person of peace you can be a house of prayer. In this we offer specific, intentional prayer that expresses your spiritual authority in the Lord for your communities, regions, and nations. We are at the start of these conversations and teachings for the uplifting of the Body of Christ around the world.

“We have been seeking the Lord for our community for some time now. We have sensed that the Lord is moving us toward being a House of Prayer.” 

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Program Countries: Canada

Focuses: Pastoral Care

Website: https://capturingcourage.orghttps://collegeofcapturingcourage.org

Team Lead: Cyndy Lavoie

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