Extreme Love Ministries: Our vision is to see the nations restored through the love of Christ. We are an anti-human trafficking organization with a holistic approach including prevention and education, interception, rescue and aftercare. All designed to address the plague of human trafficking.

The Transit Monitoring Project is an interception program and targets the victims and potential victims of trafficking before they end up being trapped in slavery and exploitative circumstances. Our specially trained team visits busy transit locations such as bus stations and taxi stands and observes as people are
in transit. Our teams work in plainclothes and through their training have learned how to have intentional conversations with people and identify many signs and red flags which help to identify victims and potential victims of human trafficking.

As victims are identified our staff begin an investigation into the people involved. In partnership with local Police and Government agencies we seek to reconcile the victim with their family and turn over any suspects to local Police. Our staff will maintain relationship with the victims for anywhere from a few hours to a few days during which we will share the Gospel with them and pray with them.

Program Countries:


GCF # 1032

Team Lead:

Zak Koftinoff

Team Members:

AJ Tong
Kimyan Sovannary
Chandara Hak



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Facebook – ExtremeLoveMinisries



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